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HOW many bronchiectasis suffers in uk have cvid

NO one knows " that is shocking revelation" given how germs virus WORK and whats more amazing germs virus don't have a brain.

Anyway i can say quite confidently there is a lot bronchiectasis suffers in in uk who have cvid immunity issues doctors have n have not told them about.

Even google could not tell me but search on heath unlocked blf did.

When i worked at local high school we was told to remove security camera from corridors by senior management as some times its better to turn a blind eye.

Is thats what happing with lung disease and associated immunity issues compounding all lung suffers symptoms mortality.

So WHY don't they no how many given how they know BUT choose to do nothing when we present with symptoms defiance's.

Yet the throw antibiotic's at you with out even trying to fix the problem but the symptom IS there any wonder lung disease rates are on the rise PERHAPS I would be better off asking bacteria viruses as clearly they know what the doing.

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I've just ploughed my way through the article. Obviously, it was way too technical in places but I was able to understand most of it. The comments made about Azithromycin and it's role as an anti-inflammatory in the lungs were especially interesting. The sections on Pseudomonas and HI we're really detailed and interesting and my arch enemy Achromabacter, even came in for a mention.

So, all in all very informative. Thanks for posting.


Glad gou found it intresting informative.

I was on Azithromycin but had to come off it as i sufferd neck face paralysis heart trouble.

Was a shame really as was ok with lungs

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Hidden hi I was ok with the lungs on the antibiotic Athromycin but gave me contestant trush and stomach upsets and yes did get odd heart rhythm to it was not worth the other symtoms I'm afraid to have 3 days ok then rest ill was just not worth it . Also we read GP's were to cut antibiotics down ? Very confusing . Recently told I have start of diabetes to it seems one condition gets another


your line of discussion is interesting, many people who have psoriasis also have arthritis, due to genetics inherited and many allergies and illnesses run in families. So maybe we should be checking these things as they may be the cause of some of our symptoms. I have hereditary illness from my fathers side i.e arthritis, and allergies and chest problems from my mother. But don't know how many allergies I have as I have never been tested but my sister has, part of the NHS lottery. Have a good day researching Jeff and thanks for links.


Thanks so much for this link Jeff, very comprehensive. I would like to pass it on to another group, as its in the public domain I assume that's okay with you?


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