COPD and Depression

Depression and COPD

Oh Gosh I'm so depressed, I mean it's the afternoon and I'm in bed crying on and off for hours, got chest infection so steroids and doxycycline, but, it's not that, well mostly not, it's for the first time in 37 years, I am failing my family and it's killing me!!! I struggle so hard to get to work every day, spiriva and ventolin just about gets me up the road, I work almost full time and I still can't afford to feed my family!!! My rent takes 65% of my salary, Council Tax another 15% and I can just make the bills . I had to borrow the money for my meds as I couldn't afford two prescription charges! I seriously don't know how much longer I can do this!!! Never felt such a failure ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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First: you are not failing your family. You have and are working your socks off for them.

Second: It is time to get some help. There are others here who will have a better idea than me about who to go to for that. CAB?

Hang in there and there will be some suggestions.

All the best


Hi Jolie, it's not nice to hear you are feeling so low at the moment. I hope your chest infection clears soon too! I don't have copd but I have asthma so I can relate. You will never fail your family! You are not well but yet you say you still work almost full time! Yes you would probably be better off claiming benefits like most people do and you would get free meds!! :/ but no you are working hard for you and your family! Talk to your doctor if you really are feeling low and maybe he can recommend someone who can talk to you and give you some tips. Hope you feel better soon xx

I know you work almost full time, and I know how difficult that can be with a lung condition, but can you ring the BLF helpline tomorrow on 03000 030 555 or you can email them. Look at the BRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION website for contact details and they will get back to you.

As katinka says the Citizens Advice Centre can help.....and have you told your GP about your difficulties. ...please do.

There is usually someone on this site to talk to....sometimes even in the middle of the night

Take care

Thank you, I'm usually so strong, but, right now I'm not sure which way to turn! I mentioned to the GP a short while ago how tough I was finding everything and he sat back playing with his pen and said I need to be less negative and gave me a prescription for citalopram. I just wish i could do something to improve things, I don't think I can physically take on another job, my job is very stressful already, I've just finished NVQ dispensary in a very busy pharmacy. It is a highly satisfying job but basic minimum wage . Sorry about the ranting, I so need to get it off my chest ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Your doctors attitude and response , in my opinion was very poor.....I think negativity was more on his side than yours.

I won't say more as this is an open post. You can lock a post will see a little padlock.....for community only . There is a button to press or click on after you have written a post.

The CAB and the BLF I am sure could tell you about any financial help that may be available to you

Hi Jolie, you said you had worked at a pharmaceutical facility? If this is correct why not try to get on as a pharmaceutical sales representative with a company. Sales job usually have a decent base pay plus a commission. Here in the US you can make a great living without an education if you get into the right outside sales jobs. Look for virtual sales , outside sales-usually means you work from a home base. They may be listed under Account Representative, Territory Reprsentative or many other headings. Sales has more work from home or home based positions than any other profession. Best of luck to you!

Hello joliemsa, please don't think of yourself as failing your family, that would surely make anyone feel depressed. ๐Ÿ˜•Life's meant to be good for us not a struggle.๐Ÿ˜‰ You could do with some support and help and if you ask for it you will get it I'm sure. I think you're a star for being so devoted to your families well being but ๐Ÿ˜ฎyou should be extra kind to yourself especially when you are not well. Reach for the phone tomorrow and speak to one of the lovely helpful nurses and staff at the BLF you'll be glad you did, sending you a get well soon hug ,huff x

right, first things first, pre pay prescriptions save you a fortune. ยฃ29 for 3 months. Secondly, you are doing an amazing job working (almost) fully time

thirdly: cut yourself some slack, everyone gets sick from time to time so would you condemn anyone else for being sick?

Finally, you are a great person doing a great job and don't you forget it


diesel12 o don't think this person is in the UK. ..I could be wrong but it's jst some of how it's written sounds different to they might not have the pre pay prescription thing ???

Hello Jolie. No way you are not failing anyone. You are doing the very best you can do in your situation. Your doctor doesn't sound very supportive at all. ๐Ÿ˜ You need support and I think as a taxpayer who has worked so hard for years you are entitled to seek help. I am not living in the U.K. so I have no idea how things work but as Katinka suggested I am sure there is a citizen's advice centre that can help. You need help and there's absolutely no shame in asking! Please don't feel like you're alone. We're here for you.

Much love to you.

Cas xx ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿž

Hello Joliemsa59, welcome to the site, sorry to hear you are so down but not surprising in your circumstances. Although you are working you are entitled to help with things like prescription costs, rent rebate and council tax rebate but it requires a lot of form filling including proof of earnings. You may also be entitled to tax credit either as a disabled person or because you have a family, contact your tax office about this. Prescription help can be got by ordering a form HCI on phone number 03003301343.Local council deals with council tax and rent rebates, this can be done on line if you use a PC. I presume you live in British Isles and have savings of less than ยฃ6000. Hopefully if you can sort some of the financial side out you will feel a little better, as stress does not help your health. Hope the info helps you. xx

You do not sound a failure to me . Very courageous I think but can you get to a consultant who will give you better medicines like a nebuliser for every day use . Stay strong your condition may be difficult but we all need to try and stay calm when we have infections really tough. Hang in there maybe you will feel better once the infection is going .

Sorry to hear you are depressed, but I am sure you are doing your best got your family.

Do you claim all your benifits? You can still claim even though you are working, I am sure the CAB will advise you.

Hi Joliemsa, I hope maybe your feeling a bit better this morning. We have a lovely bunch of people on this sight who have already given you food for thought. No doubt more will be along. Thinking of you, and remember depression always lifts. Xx

I know how you feel.My husband became disabled so couldn't work even though I had copd I carried on working until eventually it got to much and I was laid off ill health .we landed up losing our house because could no longer afford mortgage .c.a.b. we're really helpful sorting bills and everything else..are you claiming disability because you can even though you are working give it a try ..and I know the feeling of thinking your letting family down I also think like that but my family say I dont

Ah thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and help, prednisilone takes me to a dark place at times. Back at work today and holding up ok. Feeling breatheless but coping . I will enquire towards getting some financial help, but, it's tough here in the UK now. Anyway thanks again X X X

Had to reply!!!! Why think your a failure. Stop thinking that! Depression making you think that! Your doing a bloody good job love. The system is failing you. Sounds like you need extra money? Have you tried finding out if there's any assistance available. CAB will know. Worth asking afew organisations, as you work, there's working tax, child tax. Make sure your getting entitlements. If you live alone you can get reduction on council tax. When your suffering with depression everything is such an effort! I've been there, done that, and go back from time to time!!

Just want you to know if you manage to work with COPD then your not a failure!!! Your a fighter!! Make sure you take your meds. Depression may make you forgetful.

Fight on lovely!!!


NOBODY fails their family....there is help out there you just need to get in touch with the right folk and plenty on here will help you find those places.... chin up ... you will get better and get your family to pull their weight too you cannot do everything yourself and get off that bed ... always think lying in bed makes a bad chest worse.... sit in the garden wrapped in a blanket and get some fresh air in those lungs and you will feel better .... HUGS xxx

Don't feel like a failure because you're a wonderful person who has successfully coped with a serious illness for a long time. You've continued to work hard and pay your bills and help your family. I admire your courage and determination and hope things will get better for you. It's hard to get back up when you're down, but keep trying and maybe your luck and your health will improve.

No way are you a failure. You are an extremely strong person who is doing the upmost for her family. You are entitled to rant. Everyone needs to let off steam once in a while.

I for one, am extremely proud of you.


Oh! Poor you , I wish I were there to give you a hug, you are needing some support. I am a senior citizen and live on my own,4 Daughters eldest fifty and never see them, I am not saying that will happen to you but please, don't go on a guilt trip, I know I've been there but it doesn't help you .....See your Dr. get time of work and yes CAB might help re Bills I'm not sure on that one...Ill put you on my prayer list.God Bless...โ˜บ๏ธ

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