Getting copd after years of quitting

Y do people get copd after years of giving up smoking.

Has anyone ever managed to reverse there Copd ?

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  • I have COPD. It destroys parts of the lungs. At best you can keep the rest of the lungs from going bad and perhaps becoming more efficient. Considering that I smoke for so many years I have nothing more to say. Maybe someone else will say stem cells but at age 69 I doubt I'll be first on that list.

  • How old was u when u got it . How many years did u smoke for

  • I started smoking at 16. I was the Marlboro man. Near the end I smoke 2-3 packs a day. I stop 2/8/00. 37 years was enough gagging and coughing for me. I've been 15 years cigarette free, but have been diagnosis with COPD 10 years ago. I use Spiriva and Advair 250/50. I haven't needed inhalers. My lungs haven't gotten worst and I am told my disease is moderate.

  • Moderate. So quite lucky in way then. Well I'm glad your doing OK. Bet cigarettes was stronger back then.

  • They were filtered. I would not try another today to confirm strength.

  • I'm trying give up.smoke way to much for my age

  • You had it all along. Some people don't get. Those that get it, have it show up years later. What cigarette did it? Some diseases have stages. Now I am not a doctor or a scientist, but things are like a suntan. You don't feel the bun until later after you get home. Some people don't burn they just tan. Best stay out of the strong sun or in our case should have never smoked.

  • True

  • I gave up ten years ago and only now have I been diagnosed with second stage COPD! I suffered badly with my breathing as a child, maybe undiagnosed asthma , but had to smoke, foolish girl! Think it comes back to bite everyone on the bum eventually!

  • I'm trying to give up and does worry me.

  • Going to pulmonary rehab is the best thing to do, they will show you exercises and explain the problems with copd. They can not cure what is already there but can show you how to make the best of what you have got. Susie

  • I'm moderate too, heavy smoker for years but hey ho! whats done is done. Just keep yourself as fit as you can and eat those veggies :) xxx

  • Cannabis Oil...I have been on it now for about 1 month and already I cannot get over the amount of deep breaths I can now take...I actually went walking through our major shopping mall...and it wasn't until I got back into the car that I realised I was hardly puffing...

  • How can I get hold of some please?

  • Yes is it available ?

  • I smoked moderately 16 years, gave up 31 years ago; was diagnosed with moderate COPD last year; results show I haven't got any worse since December 2014. Probable cause on top of smoking, was passive smoking by a partner who gave up with me but then started smoking again, and using coal fired stoves and coal fires to heat my house as we were way out in the country with no gas and only intermittent electricity, and not enough money to fill an oil tank regularly.

  • The first thing my consultant said to me after i was diagnosed was " lets see how much we can reverse this "

    Unfortunately i didnt get the care i needed from my GP so was already very severe and wasnt lucky enough to improve my lung health but, i have managed to stay the same so no deterioration so far.

    Many members on here have done amazing

    Have a read of Megans post....Im not sure if she was a smoker but your question about reversing this can offer you some hope

  • I have COPD just told now diabetes give me a break lol , waiting to see diabetic nurse guess need lose weight yet don't eat much ? Pills steroids not help and that middle aged spread age ! Find it difficult to exercise walking distance is dire vicious circle

  • I don't think you can reverse the damage once done sorry I wish we could ! There was article about procedure where they burn some of your lobes under anestectic it was new in early stages of being used was on FB , it said some who had procedure found no medication afterwards was needed , I'd take chance on that be Guinea pig if had the chance

  • As far as I am aware there is no reversibility. The damage is done, so to speak. The next thing is to keep it at the predicted level you are at and for it not to progress anymore than the "normal" aging process that happens with fev1.

    Stop smoking is the first thing. Normal bmi, eat healthily, keep away from colds and pollutants, second hand smoke, exercise everyday. Have a flu vaccine every year and ensure you get your pneumonia vaccine.

    Also keep busy, don't ponder on what ifs. It's done, past, you can't turn back the clock. This site is great as people have expertise on their conditions. My husband has copd and I had no where to turn for information. This site and the people are absolutely wonderful. I can't sing their praises enough.

    Best regards


  • I got diagnosed November 2014 gave up smoking December 2014 FEV1 57% then November 2015 I had a full lung function test at the hospital as my breathing was getting worse my FEV1 was 55%. I had a spirometry test on the 04/08/2016 FEV1 71% I was over the moon. Walking really does work in fact ANYTHING that makes you breathless works the lungs as I tend to shallow breathe. I started taking cannabis oil in February maybe a coincidence that I feel so great but I don't think so. I hardly take ANY pharmaceutical medication now. I eat healthy go gym not as much as I should. I downloaded a walking app. That helps. So yes you can increase your stamina and lung function not sure about reversal. Join Treating COPD with cannabis oil on Facebook loads of info there. With good positive helpful people there. Hope this helps. 💕💕💕

  • Well done what a positive story will look into it.

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