Fed up With HIB infections

I have been on this web site many times and find you all very helpful and caring. So much good info to be had. I have been on before re this HIB infection that never seems to go away completely. I have had the HIB injection to no avail also nothing in the antibiotic line helps for any length of time, I do a sputum test every time and every time it comes back with the same thing HIB and doxycycline will work but doesn't. Tried many other antibiotics but it never goes. I'm on Azithromycin every other day which helps to a certain extent but few days down the line I'm back to not being able to breathe. I'm on Steroids at that moment which help very much but I cant stay on them forever or want to otherwise what have you to fall back on. I have done all the pulmonary rehab a couple of times and try and stay active as well, I have arthritis in my knees as well which I have been told both need replacing so exercising isn't easy. But again the steroids help my knees as it stops all this inflammation. Does any one else have this blessed HIB like have and do you know anything that can help? Thanks for your patience in listening to me.

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patj hi please excuse my ignorance but what is HIB um relatively new to site so not sure what this infection is .

HIB stands for Haemophilus influenza bug. They say I have colonisation in my lungs. Last antibiotic given was Ciprofloxacin 750mg for 2 weeks. Worked for a little while then nothing all back to square one.

That sounds horrendous I'm so sorry you have to suffer this way you would think they would have some meds strong enough to help you best regards x

hi there patj. haemophillus influenzea is the bug which people tend to start off with. Then other little beggars come calling but you don't need to worry about that now. High doses of amoxicillin can sometimes knock it on the head. If not, co- amoxiclav is very useful. cipro is a drug against pseudomonas which is an almost constant companion of those of us with bronchiectasis. It isn't effective against haemophillus though. The thing to understand is that none of these antibiotics are totally effective or permanently knock out the bugs. Your GP. or consultant needs to look again at the the antibiotic they are giving, which strength and for how long. I don't have COPD so can't advise on breathlessness or steroid use but there are lots of great people on here who can. I hope that you get sorted.

I have been lucky as I was colonised with this last year but thankfully the injection I had back in January seems to have worked. The best antibiotic I had was oxytetracycline as that seemed to keep it at bay for about 6 months. Maybe you should ask to see a consultant immunologist - there aren't many around but it may be worth waiting to see one or trying to get a private consultation with one. My step son is doing that next week and we are hoping for something that will work for him after years of suffering.

By the way, the HIB injection is given for haemophylus influenzae type B. This is the infectious type which can lead to serious illness in children. It tends to live in mouth, throat and nasal passages. There are many different strains of Haemophylus influenzae. The one which colonises the lungs is usually different to type B. This isn't always explained. It is very complicated?

Hi patJ, it frequently said by Health DepRtments, we are becoming immune to antibiotics through taking too manŷ. I've had several infections, it's called Thrombocytopenia, including breathing so was sent to see a Pulmonologist in March, he did an aspiration and yes brought out a lot of mucky stuff, which was sent off for analysis - they were looking for aspergillosi causer by moul - my housing conditions, esp in winter with damp and cold are not good. It was not thare but with no other suggestions from the pulmonologist, (analysis was o going) they haven't come up with another cause, probable or not.

The aspiration was great, left me with clear bronchial tubes, I now use an asthma type spray if I am wheezy/ oxygenless. The major cause of the mucus I don't know, but it often happens if I eat something my 'gut' doesn't like that I need to cough from the diaphragm, not my lungs. At base of oesaphagus and gullet there is a flap that opens/closes according to whether eating or breathing! So when I cough and spit out mucus I also need to blow my nose to clear that.

You knoŵ if infection is there according to colour - yellow to darker will indicate infection, white/clear should mean no infection. Urine and pooh colour can also indicate if there is problem (infection) with urinarŷ tract.

Has your Dr had a sputum test done for you? Also a test to see what antibiotics you have positive or negative responses to. I was given an antibiotic once that had no effect at all! As you say has happened in your situation.

So just some ideas for you to mull over. When looking at effects of mould spores in the air,which I had here, it was also interesting to find from my own research that many of the aerosol,s we use in the home these days are ingested through breathing, or it is absorbed by the skin. Slightly damp clothes, folded and dried on radiators or Airers in winter, don't help either! Fabrics need to drŷ out completely as single layers to prevent absorption of moisture (the cause of mould).

It might not be what you want to read/hear and may not help you - but just some food for thought as I've been through similiar experiences last year or so! I also take no meds except. thyroid one now and managed my infection by keeping my gut and digestive organs clear which has helped keep my breathing Better. I'm not medically qualified either. Research and personal intuition is what is helping me.

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