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Hey out there. I'm new to the site. I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis approximately eight years ago but insist on remaining as active and maintaining fitness levels as much as possible. Except as now, there is a blip and following my daughter's orders by staying in bed for the day when energy levels hit the proverbial wall and stress levels are ascending . We are waiting for my husband to be admitted to hospital next week for his second hip op!! As well as trying to maintain fitness I continue to work as a Personal Trainer three mornings a week and as well as being an extended family my darling daughter seems to have a penchant for rescuing animals!!! My condition is controlled by Prednisolone and occasionally antibiotics. My biggest aggravation is weight gain when my amazing Consultant increases the dose to enable me to breathe. Oh, I am 70years old going on 50!!

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  • Welcome Adrie, you seem to be doing the right things but blips can happen. It's nice to have people who care and the right meds of course to help manage things.

    Nice to meet you. Xxxxx

  • Thank you for replying so quickly. I passionately believe in the power of exercise and happy to advise others who sometimes feel that they really cannot do anything physical.

  • Welcome to this forum. You sound amazing. There are many people here with PF. And they will offer you specific help and advice. The rest of us are supportive, friendly and encouraging. But you sound as if you don't need much encouraging. Look after yourself. And listen to your daughter.

    All the best and let us know how things go

    Kate xx

  • Hello Kate. What a lovely response from people on this site. My apologies though in not replying to you sooner. The respiratory nurse told me about it ages ago yet I never did anything until yesterday about signing up. Yes, we all have to find a way of self management don't we? There's always blips along the way. I take mucodyne (along with omneprazole for gastro intestinal ease) an inhaler with a nebuliser and Nurofen for pain relief, (don't like the effects of paracetamol ) and actually stopped taking alendronic acid (on the advice of my consultant) because it was all making me feel very nauseous. Spend an absolute fortune in the local health shop because I will still look to an alternative if I can. Make protein shakes with fruit and veggie powders most mornings but particularly on work mornings because the nutrition is easily and quickly absorbed. Love the weekends though, just had chocolate muffins and fresh coffee!! If I am unable to do any specific training then one of our rescues is a a lurcher/greyhound who has endless psychological problems and needs walking to relax his head!!! Hope I haven't bored you or anyone reading this missive, but not only will it give you a little insight into my management but perhaps something of interest to you. Adrienne

  • Never bored by hearing how people cope. Chocolate muffins and coffee is spot on. No one else can deal with our conditions, it is down to us take responsibility and control. Which is why I get so frustrated when we cannot get access to all the information we need, test results, reports written about us, letters from GPs to consultants and vice versa.

    Look at the reply I wrote a day or two ago: letter to a consultant. Can't remember who I was replying to but it will be in my profile.

    All the best, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Kate xx

  • Just looked for it, it is miles down the list of my replies.

    I'll send it to you via the PM service.

    I think you sound like someone who would appreciate it.

    Kate xx

  • Don't know which area you live in but I actually understand how you feel. Yes, of course we 'need to help ourselves' but sometimes we can't do that without follow up and back up from the professionals. I'm a little luckier than some perhaps as at the peak of my career I specialised in Cardiac rehab and handled all sorts of GP referrals but I have to say Kate my frustrations are as high if not higher than others if I don't get a straight answer to a pertinent question. I an very, very lucky with my Consultant. She is there at the end of the phone at any time. Adrienne

  • Wow... That is impressive. I like mine but he is not as available as that. May be I could ask? His last letter was very informal, came to me, not copied to GP. I sent GP a copy, with a slightly condescending note...


    Kate x

  • Adrie1945 wow I'm so impressed your doing really well but when my daughter says slow down I listen to the bossy boots welcome to the site lovely bunch of friendly folk on here best wishes x

  • Welcome to the site Adreie, sounds like your doing well, keeping the balance right between acivity & rest. Take care, Margaret

  • Welcome Adrie and congrats on keeping fitness levels up! Lots of PF sufferers here who I know will be only to happy to answer any questions. Have a lovely day. xx

  • Well done you for all your efforts to keep fit. Hope you will soon be up to strength after your current set back. Joyce.

  • Welcome Adrienne - certainly not boring.

  • Hi Adrie, I also have IPF. I found your post inspirational and was really surprised when you revealed how old you are. I'm in my 50s and I know I don't put enough effort into exercising and keeping fit (mainly because I'm usually too tired to bother) but if you can do this at 70, perhaps I can try a bit harder!

    Best Wishes,


  • Hello Helen. Yes, it can be really exhausting but that's the key, I do believe, determining whether we really are too tired or could we do a little bit. One bit of advice I have given to clients over the years is to get a dog. They have to be exercised and wonderful company to boot. If that isn't your preference, that's ok. Put your trainers on (or comfortable shoes you can walk in) and just walk up the road or round the houses for ten minutes. It's all about setting new and better habits. You've possibly got into the habit of sitting when you don't know what else to do. Do you work. Are you bored. That's just horrible and difficult to recognise. Ten minutes a time anywhere you are comfortable and can relax. Build that by ten minutes a time (over a period suitable to you, weekly perhaps) until you're actually exercising for 45 - 60 mins daily, yup, daily. It might take a while but that's fine. Always bring yourself out of your comfort zone, it's good to feel sweaty!!! If you're nervous perhaps a friend could accompany you. Hope this helps. Adrienne

  • Hi Adrienne, thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I am allergic to dogs but will try to act on your advice re building up what I can do over time. I do live within walking distance of a nature reserve so I do have somewhere interesting to walk. I had to take early retirement a year ago due to fatigue and constant chest infections ( not surprising as I was a head teacher of a primary school). On the positive side, I haven't had any chest infections this year.

    Thanks again.


  • Morning. Let me know how you develop. Excellent goal, the Nature Reserve.

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