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Request for asthma case studies from the BLF Press Team

Good Morning everyone,

Please see the below request from the BLF's press office. If you have anything that you'd like to share, no matter how big or small your story is, please email with your details. Thank you as always for your input! :-)


Were you diagnosed with Asthma in your 40s? Did you suffer with a cough or breathlessness for a while before you sought medical help? Now you are being treated for your condition, do you feel much better?

We are looking for people in their 40s-50s who might fit this profile. If you think you can help us with a media enquiry, please contact


2 Replies

That's good'en that : do you feel much better WELL I feel that great every time I see my lung doctor MAKES me glad the have physcolgiest.

Guess the there for all those happy people with lung conditions BUT like I said to my lung doctor it's not physcolgiest need it's new lungs.



I don't fit the proflle but I think non wheezing asthma needs some media attention. It seems to be a very common problem at the moment.



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