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advice sought please

hiya all, long time no see! you may recall my partner deciding she needed time off work so went and broke her hip and wrist, surely easier to put a leave request in ;) thankfully all is healing well now and my carer duties are less 24/7 :) my question to you is regarding my breathlessness on exertion, every day recently I get out of bed feeling a million dollars yet within 2 hours max I am exhausted, yawning as if I haven't slept, most annoying! does bronchiectasis cause this? I am on a daily 250mg Azythromicin until Sept 2017, would that cause the lethargy? Hate to bug my doctor without good reason so thought I'd bend a few ears on here 1st, thankyou

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Bronchiectasis most certainly does sap you of your energy, usually when an exacerbation is brewing. Also, you have been demanding a lot of yourself physically caring for your partner. It may also be that azith has stopped working for you. It did stop for me. Or you may have another bacteria which has got in and needs a different antibiotics. You will not be bugging your doctor for no good reason. It needs looking into.


I agree with Stillstanding, no harm in getting checked out. Take care and glad your partner is recovering well. Xxx


Hi I have the breathlessness with my Bronchiectasis and if no infection coming it tends to be lots of mucus lying in the lungs which needs clearing,I use an Acapella device every morning for this or try huffing it up.

I also take Azithromycin 3 tabs a week since may.

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