Pokemon GO!

It's a funny old thing really. But before this game came along, both myself and my wife (who is suffering from terminal cancer) struggled to get out very often, and were loathe to go out some days even when we were feeling good.

This game, this Pokemon GO came along and changed all that! Now, I'm using the game as a bit of fun to help me get out more and get the exercise I need for my lungs, as is the wife who uses it to help her. We even go out for late night walks now, hunting these Pokemon things, which we never did before hand!

Been out this morning, and we walked around (occassionally stopping for me to rest!) for about an hour playing this game, then round Tesco's for a bit of shopping and walked home.

I feel terrible now mind you. Chest hurts, hacking coughing, but I have coughed up a fair bit of that crap that was sitting in my lungs not going anywhere (thank you damn Bronchiectasis). Just resting up, and the wife has told me not to move out my chair for the rest of the day!

Anyone else using this game to help with their exercise?!

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No, I am not playing the game, but I do remember my children collecting Pokémon cards at some point. Does that count?

Good for you symes (and the boss) but don't be climbing trees etc LOL .

Anything that gives you a bit of fresh air and exercise can't be bad! I believe the game has even enticed teenagers out into the daylight!!

I hope you catch all those critters!

Glad you are enjoying Pokemon Symes and getting out with your wife. Our son in law and grandson love it. Xxxxx

I'm playing but don't get out much with my crazy toddler. I got out on my own the other day and ran out of pokeballs!! It's great though to take your mind off the fact that you're exercising. Good on ye!

Sounds like fun Symes!😊 and a great way of shifting the gunk, don't go too mad in the heatwave just keep cool and take it slow 😁🌸 huff x

Yes me too!! So relieved to hear I am not the only "crazy" doing it :)

Try to find a small dog that needs walking generally plenty around and you don't have the responsibility. Makes the walking all worthwhile

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