Emphasema age 46

Hi all,new here and new to emphasima, I have recently been diagnosed and last week at my respiratory appointment I was told my airways are moderate but my lungs are severe .. because I was quite shocked I didn't ask many questions, my question today is how can I be moderate but also severe.? What does this mean for me as so many websites and all read a little different. What is life expectancy for severe.? I am already on two different steroid inhalers and been told I have to have another one was told I have to rinse mouth with new one as can cause thrush in the mouth but I didn't ask what to rinse with. Is it just water or mouthwash? .. I am so confused with this all and don't really have anyone to talk to.

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  • Hi and welcome.....the British Lung Foundation have a helpline you can contact by phone or email.

    The contact details and lots of information about lung conditions can be found on their website.

    Best wishes

  • missylboo a big welcome to the sight you've just been given very good advice I think you need to have a chat with Mrs mummy an CO. Best wishes x

  • Thank you and have now messaged her .. thank you all again x

  • Hi missylboo first of all a very warm welcome to our friendly and informative forum. Rather than Google about your condition there are plenty of people on here with Emphysema that will give honest answers your questions based on their own experience.

    It is understandable that you would be in shock after being told that you have Emphysema and therefore not thinking straight enough to to ask the questions you now want answers to.

    You say that you were at a Respiratory Appointment so it sounds like you already have a Pulmonary Consultant. If you don't you could ask your Doctor if you can be referred to one. You will get more specialised treatment for your condition.

    Emphysema although a progressive disease can be slowed down with good treatment. You can also help yourself by having a good diet and exercise and making sure you get prompt treatment for any infections before they get a good hold. If you are a smoker the very best thing you can do for yourself is to stop. Not the easiest thing to do but there is a lot of help out there if needed.

    No one can tell you what your life expectancy will be. My wife has had COPD/Emphysema for over 12 years and isn't expecting to go anytime soon. Other members on here have had Emphysema for over 20 years so a lot has to do with how you look after yourself.

    Rinsing your mouth out with water after taking your Steroid Inhaler is often enough to stop thrush developing but I find that using mouthwash is more effective. If thrush becomes a real problem for you, you don't usually need a Doctors appointment to get it sorted. Just have a word with your Doctors Receptionist and because it is a recognised side effect of the medication you have been prescribed they usually have authority to write out a prescription for you.

    Hope I have helped put your mind at rest.

    Regards. John

  • Thank you all for your replies .. I guess I'm confused as to how I can be moderate airway and severe lungs and in general what that means if anything x

  • Hiya, I'm new to emphasima too, lots of years thinking I had asthma! Next time you see a doctor take a list of questions you have thought of, it's the only way, and make notes of what the answers are, I find that doctors fire details at you and you just get overloaded. This site is brilliant, people respond with their own way of dealing with things and it helps, it really does, and everyone I've spoken to has been brilliant. Only been on the site for two days and loads of questions answewered with really sensible comments. Keep smiling and good luck xx

  • Hello and a warm welcome misslboo,

    I can answer just one question. When I have taken my Fostair inhaler I immediately clean my teeth, swill my mouth out with cold water and try to have a little gargle - sometimes it makes me gag but I still do it - I would hate to get thrush. Other members have given you good advice on your other questions - I am sure you will receive the right answers. If you are still worried come back:-)


  • Hello. Welcome. It's nice to have you here but of course not the reason you're here. I can't answer your question about your condition specifically because I don't know, but I would make sure you are armed with all these questions for your doctor.

    As for the inhalers gargle and rinse with water.

    Do come here often. It's such a supportive site and you'll find it helpful I think.

    Sending you a big hug.

    Cas xx 🌺👋

  • Hi welcome to the site,everyone has given you good advice. Just do plenty of exercise,eat well and enjoy life,and always try to stay positive.

  • The rinse is with water, believe me, thrush is horrible. It is allot to take in, I'm almost into 1 year and still confused. God bless and pray for easy breathing.

  • Unfortunately I found that it took me a while to "manage" my COPD and I spent the first year in and out of hospital and in a state of total confusion about what I should be doing and what Meds and inhalers I should be using and when. Now 10 years on I cope much better and rarely allow myself to get to a critical stage. Just keep listening to the advice and get the best information you can from the professionals, you will learn as you go along. It is not the life threatening condition that you think it is. Good luck

  • Use a spacer with your inhalers to avoid thrush - I don't rinse afterwards but you could if you think you might have a problem - water is OK but mouthwash is OK too.

  • Hi ask for nystan oral suspension for your thrush it works well


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