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My GP is replacing my Seretide Accuhaler with something called Airflusal because 'it's cheaper'.

He swears it's no different and I won't notice any changes. But I'm worried. Aside from the saving of costs to the surgery, I'm worried that although the steroid component will be the same, the long acting reliever may not.

Has anyone had this Airflusal? Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi Symes. Is your care solely under your GP or are you under specialist care at a hospital too? A while ago I saw gp with chest infection, and he discussed changing my inhalers, but I said that I would not change inhalers without discussing with my Drs at hospital who prescribe which inhalers I use. Jean

  • Thanks Jean. I am under a consultant at the hospital too, and I'm seeing him next month, 7th September, so I will mention it to him then.

  • this may help you.

  • Thank you :)

  • Symes I was on seretide and specialist suggested I try symbicort u can honestly say I didn't notice any change best wishes x

  • Thanks Titchy :)

  • Hi I was made to change to a generic version of symbicort several months ago due to cost. I found it awful and I was really breathless with it. I rang and spoke to a doctor who agreed to change it back without argument. I reckon quite a few must have been complaining about it too. x

  • We're all different - it maybe fine for you and not for others who respond on here. I believe you can refuse to change; or try it and insist they switch you back if you have a problem. Seretide and Spiriva don't suit me, whilst formoterol is ok. Horses for courses..

    Be lucky.

  • I have been given generic versions and am happy to use them, provided that are as good. Like coughalot I found 2 of them not so good and they were changed back for me immediately. Give it a go and see what you find.

  • Some time ago I was taken off Seretide 500 to an inhaler, disaster it made me ill within days and my own GP had to reverse me back to Seretide. This Seretide I have is powder not inhaler and easier for me to administer as I have arthritis in my hands. Seems the powder inhalers are better for me than spray inhalers which often make me cough at administration. So choice must be based on individual patient need and reaction. Combivent was brilliant for me but it was taken off the list for use in England some time ago. So I would say try the alternative and any problems ring your Gp .

  • Hi Katie I have the same problem I find the powder inhalers a lot easier to use. I am attending PR at the moment and the talk was on inhalers. The physio was telling me that you can now get a salbutamol inhaler that is easier to use for people with arthritis. I don't know if you know about this She is looking to see if I can get that kind of inhaler.

  • I am on the seretide accuhaler my advice stay on it.

  • I wanted to Bobsie1 but my GP insisted I change to the AirFluSal because it'll be cheaper for the surgery. They've put quite a few people on this now.

  • The AirFluSal inhaler seems to be ok so far. I've been suffering a bit recently, but I think it's more down to the heat and humidity than anything else.

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