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I am currently facing filling in the PIP form, it is horrendous. I am single, live in a flat and have no one to help me at all. At add insult to injury, I was born asthmatic, added Bronchiectasis by age 6, need hearing aids from age 21 and at 54 was diagnosed with a brain meningioma. At that point it was pointed out to me I should have DLA.

Since then I have relocated to a small flat, formally retired and survive. A neighbour has pointed out that I actually DO everything which the form implies denote disability. My reply, I have no option but to feed and wash myself.

On Wednesday I will have my annual COPD tests which last year showed a lung functionality of 48%. On Thursday I get updated hearing aids. Currently my DLA pays for a cleaner, the laundry of my bedding and the window cleaner. I really can't do without this help. Does that prove I should receive PIPS?

I am now having nightmares!

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Carras22 Im now in the process of applying for pip they need to chat to my doc and that's fine when they come back im taking my forms up to cab offices they because I have copd they will help me fill them in hope that helps you take care x

STRONGLY suggest you get help to complete form. After some persuasion I got the CAB to help. Have had 'interview' and am now waiting for decision. If I get turned down will have to appeal because no-way can I manage without the benefit. Not just about the money but also the other things that came with my DLA such as my Blue Badge.

At the very least look at CAB website for advice on how to complete the form. Even though I got help from CAB on grounds I can't hand write form due to other disability I did go on to website and had answers typed out for my appointment. It still took me and CAB 3 hours to complete. That is one way to put people off applying!

Benefits and work website also helpful.

Your neighbour isn't being very helpful..... yes you might be able to do certain things but not easily or without repercussions.

Have a look at the websites and all the best.

Hi I think if your neighbour writes on the form something to backup what you are saying will be a good thing. If you use things to help you with your daily living mention them you get points. My lung function is not as low as yours. I applied for pip and was awarded standard for both. Most of my points were for the things I have to help me with having arthritis too also not being able to walk 20 meters with out getting breathless and in pain. Good luck.

Sorry I must have read it wrong about your neighbour. I also had help from the CAD and it only took one hour.

Hi Carras22 the following online document has loads of information that will help filling in your PIP form including how many points you get for various things.


A guide to making a claim


I had a word with my Doctor before applying to make sure I had his support as well.

I see from other replies you've had some good advice already.

Good luck with your claim.

Regards. John

Hi Carras, please don't struggle alone to complete such a difficult form. As others have suggested contact CAB to support you. Margaret x

I am new to this site, usually just read the posts, but felt I should reply. I have bronchiectasis, asthma, fibromyalgia and kidney disease. I have been getting DLA/PIP mobility and care for six years. I first used cab, but found that it was a bit hit and miss depending who you saw. A friend of mine got in touch with Age UK, a benefit advisor will visit you at home if you can't get to them. They will fill in the form for you. They know exactly how to word things for you, to make the point clearly of how difficult it is, how long it takes to do things. How doing a every simple task leaves you exhausted. Good luck with your claim, if they turn you down keep trying. Not being funny but maybe your neighbour is a bit jealous by the idea that you may get more money than them, people don't realise how difficult it is to do things when you have health problems.

Hi Carras, I sympathise with you, the last time I filled out my application for DLA it took me 6 weeks, collating the information from my doctor and also having the strength and mental ability to sit and write all the info they needed. The local Welfare office (I was recommended to they by the CAB) helped me and told me to write a diary of a normal day in my life. I know how difficult my life can be sometimes, but until I wrote it down, it brought home to me the difficulties I have, I ended up writing one for a day when I was suffering from an infection and also one when I was not suffering from this added complication. This was a really good tip and I am very grateful I did it because I was awarded the care allowance. A letter from you doctor also helps because the DLA office then know your doctor is agreeing with your application. Oh and bye the way, do not forget to copy the application forms, it is free at all libraries (because it is a claims form to a Government office), I have a copy of my claim form to this day, even though I now have the allowance for life. Good luck and take care. Maximonkey

Please look up Toci's recent post with very good advice on PIP forms

I also suggest you get help filling in the form, CAB are supposed to be very good. Also fill it in as on your worst days. Good luck

Carras, don't attempt the form yourself, there are ways & means of filling these forms out. Someone who is experienced in PIP points & regulations will know exactly what things to put and how to express it, because they know the PIP Handbook back to front. For example it's not just your physical condition which is relevant, there's also the isolation you may feel from being alone indoors so much, and the effect on your confidence etc (I'm just guessing here to show you need to consider absolutely every way in which your illness impacts on your life.)

There is probably a disability organisation local to you who can send someone to help with the form, or there's Age UK as nanniespy says. Also BLF have a benefits adviser who will go through the form with you. You can phone them on 03000 030 555

The neighbour is wrong. It's not whether you actually do things for yourself, but how much difficulty you have in doing them and whether you really could do with some help (you can need help without actually getting it!) Ignore her unhelpful remarks.

Hi carras22 i am so sorry to hear that you have to fill in that evil booklet I went through that in the summer as I have arthritis nerve wracking experience. I wonder if you could let me know are all your conditions related as I have all the same conditions and I have just been told I have bronchomalacia not bronchiectasis it just hit me as I read your post I just had to ask I am just new on this site and do not have a clue about anything but the lovely people on this site are giving me lots to think about I hope you get help to fill in your form please do not do it yourself I applied for a blue badge that's what I wanted but got refused because I could plan a trip but they gave me full care I asked for a mandatory appeal but it came back the same but one year less so I was penalised for making the appeal so I am sending you lots of good luck wishes

Can you contact CAB they will do forms also their Website has detailed info on the points system & how many points you need good luck

Can someone take you to a CAB office or if near to you a taxi? READ THE CAB INFO PAGE FOR PIP THEN YOU KNOW WHAT TO WRITE

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