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clinicl trials bronchoectasis

Hi there. Its me again still searching for hope that one day there wil be a cure for bronchiectasis and if not a cure then a treatment to slow down the progression of the disease.

Found a site that they are recruiting for now. Its called Autologous bronchial basel cell transplant.

I'm no expert but having googles basel cells I think they are responsible for giving the bronchi their structure., as wel as having a role n inflammation. Apparently they remove these cells and manipulate them or replace them with others? (not quite sure what process they use) anyway the trials are going on now and trials finish in2019.

Anyway have a lok any comment gratefully received.

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Think the talking bout stem cell stuff as that's only things I know grow into what ever THE working with.

Did sound promising tads I had read on it

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I doubt whether you can participate from here. Subjects would normally have to be in China.


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