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COPD and swimming

Hi group

Sometime last year I asked if it was possible to go swimming with COPD and on oxygen. Unfortunately only one person came back and that was somebody in the USA that had made a floating container to put the cylinder in.

Happy news for you COPDers with oxygen, yes you can. After 16 years of not being in the swimming pool I went to swim last week and prove that you can do it with oxygen. What you need to do is have a 40 foot oxygen tube to which you can get from your supplier, then attach that to your oxygen cylinder put your cannula up your nose turn on your cylinder and away you go.

Make sure that the management of the swimming pool agrees for you to do this. Also make sure that you're cylinder is at the side of the pool and not in the way of the other swimmers. You can then swim the length of the tubing that you have and it's great, even if your tubing drops into the water it floats. So all you oxygen users can go out and enjoy yourself and have a swim and do your exercises in the pool which makes it easier.

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Good for you!! I have asthma and Lupus and try to go swimming at least twice a week. Some days I literally have to drag myself there with joint pains, fatigue and breathlessness BUT I always feel better afterwards. 😊 Bronagh

I have a sense of freedom from all my aches and pains. I shall certainly keep it up.


well done , im not on oxygen but the chlorine plays my breathing up ,

That is a great shame altho I didn't smell any chlorine. Surely if you are on O2 that would overcome that problem.

Excellent news. I am a swimmer. Usually 3 times a week more if I can. Its my thinking place. Just love it and its great for our hearts and lungs.

Thank you very much for the info. as I used to love swimming! Have now obtainned a long tube to enable me to try again, after all these years. Now, just have to pluck up the courage to do it! Though think I should wait until children are back at school & it is not so busy at local pool. Will let you know how I get on.

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Most pools have an adult swim. Where I go is a holiday park, but I go 1-2pm NO CHILDREN yeah. It has given me a sense of freedom. Go for it let us know how you get on; )

Hi Westielady, I look after my grandchildren whilst their parents are at work, so that limits me in the school holidays. But gearing myself up for when they are back at school.......bought couple of cossies already. Ha ha.

Well let me know when you start. We will have to exchange notes. Please let me know how you get on.

Defo. I am really looking forward to starting up again though a little apprehensive. Know it'll take time to build my muscles up again but once in the water just know I'm going to love it. How are you progressing? Hope that you are geting on well as it's the perfect execise for us. Brilliant, 'cos when we get puffed we can just float for awhiles can't we? Will let you know once I've taken the plunge. Are you on Messenger or email so's I can write privately to you?

Hi westielady1956, went off for the swimming one day recently but when I got there had fogotten to take my tubing....! (lost the plot again in the excitment). Oh well....anyway last weekend I actually went out on a jet-ski at Brighton Marina. It was fabulous & I really enjoyed the hour session. Plenty of room for my oxygen tank in the onboard pocket. So if you like that sort of thing it's possible. Dream come true! Next, I've got to get back to the swimming as more likely to be regular once started.

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