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I was informed in a matter or fact way in November by the nurse on thecradons I was being asked to do some breathing tests when I went on requested for a flu jab. I was informed it was for my COPD which was news to me. I have been to hell and back emotionally with the disgnosis. I had been some months earlier with breathing issues turned out to be me reacting to plug in air freshners. Rrsults of Nov test clarified mind copd. I got called up for my 1st review and to discuss a care plan which saw me spiral in my mental well-being last weekend. I got an emergency appointment with another 1st who informed I couldn't have copd. I got a test done the following day. Result confirmed I do not have COPD. The good nurse put it down to old equipment her just starting and not bro g able to callibarate the old equipment !!! In asking if the % of COPD is high in my area I was informed it is!! I consider my self fit I have never smoked and to cyclecise every other day with a very physical job. This is why I struggled even more with this orginal diagnosis

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  • Hi

    I think a very strong letter of complaint is in order....

    A part from that, l would be overjoyed that you do not have Copd.


  • I am ecstatic about my result.

  • What a shambles! Surely someone needs to know. But, I am so pleased you don't have COPD. 🌼

  • What a nightmare. There is too much of this kind of misdiagnosis. Not good, not good at all.

    K x

  • Horrendous to think of the worry and sleepless nights cause by this . Never believe anything unless you can check it seems to be the answer. Take velvet's advice...and I am so happy for you that diagnosis was wrong


  • Thank you everyone I feel like I have won the lottery

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