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I live in St. Paul Minnesota which is in the north central part of the United States. I posted ( rather then just monitor on this site) a couple years ago. Went to Uganda Africa at the time and got a lot of helpful info from people with copd on that trip. Now going to Israel next month for a vacation and would also appreciate any info any one has on traveling in that part of the world basicly from a medical standpoint. aware of the terrorist etc. Thanks

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Sorry, I cannot help but you could also try here


which is a US community.

I went to Israel about 4 years ago on a Riviera Travel tour with about 40 other people , with wheelchair assistance arranged at the airport for arrival and departure. Arriving in the country at Ben Gurion airport was easy and wheelchair access was provided without a problem. However, when it came to returning home, it was quite different. When our party arrived at the airport we were forced to stand and wait while officials checked some of our cases. I asked for wheelchair assistance and they told me I could have it but I would be separated from the rest of the party and could miss my plane. I stayed with the party and used my walking stick seat to help me. We were taken along corridors, up and down stairs and through various security checks with no seating available anywhere, until I set of the metal detector arch and was in such pain I started crying. My husband insisted they provide me a seat and reminded them we had asked for wheelchair assistance. An armed female security guard then demanded to see the medical statement explaining what was wrong with me physically. Of course I didn't have one, but I did offer to show her all the scars on my leg. I was obliged to continue walking through their security process to the end because of the stairs. Eventually we arrived in the departure lounge, where my husband was able to flag down a mobility assistance jeep and the kind driver took us some distance to the correct gate for our plane.

I am very glad I went to Israel to see all the wonderful sights I'd read about in the Bible, but I would never go back again. Perhaps it would be easier for you travelling from the USA, tvernstrom, than it was for me travelling from the UK.

You are one of the "You do not look disabled!" Group. I get that a lot.

extremely helpful thanks and God bless

I think it is down to making the airports and the travel agent fully aware of your requirements and then making sure it has all been confirmed to you.

Hi tvernstrom

I have not travelled far since my diagnosis of Copd. How do manage and what difficulties have u experienced on your travels.


I am fortunate to have a mild case and do not need oxygen, luckily I haven't been physically sick like lung infections etc. I found that if go slow and not rush I can pretty much do everything I need to just not as fast.,. I have become a very good observer watching and enjoying other people doing the things I can no longer do, like climbing , running etc..

just take it easy go as slow as you need to. and plan ahead when ever you can. realize your new limitations and honor them, As long as I can I will be active, but also let others help when the need arises, I also do exercises every single day for atleast a hour, nothing real difficult light weights and stationary biking. I just turned 70 so I am slowing down also besides the Copd. Main thing I think I quit smoking in time to help me some years ago, some damage was done but still in the mild stage 8 years into it.

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