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Hi guys hope youre all doing as well as can be expected. I had my medical today....results in 2-3 weeks. Some o them i saw today FEV 69 was best out of three. Hand grip left 3.1 and right 2.6 🤔 bp fine cant rember numbers something like 120/80 😊 mmse couldnt remember 2 things from the address eek dont think too much cognitive impairment though. We shall see. T3 WASNT DONE WHICH WAS A SHAME BUT T4 was and im on levo so think it will fall within range. How is everyone else doing? Relaxation room photos from the spa at the hotel where I had the Blue Crest testing done. Swam two lengths, went in outside jacuzzi and after test had a lovely capoucino after 8 hour fast 😁

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  • This post might as well be written in Greek (I'm english) as I don't understand ANY of the numbers...abbreviations. you have COPD ???

  • The point is I don't know I'm never given a clear answer from drs or consultants when I ask. they say it could be asthma or COPD or both....sigh So they are treating me for allergic asthma.

  • Hi LaurieRose just like alvorite I am having a hard time understanding what it is you are trying to say. You say you will get your medical results in 2-3 weeks so it may be better to wait until then to ask any questions you may have. Also if you tell us what illness you have we will know what the various readings refer to. You may know what the abbreviations you use mean but not everyone else does. If you use the full name to start with then we know what the abbreviation stands for and any subsequent use can be abbreviated.

    At a guess I think FEV 69 is some sort of breathing test figure, hand grip figures don't mean anything to me, if 'bp' is blood pressure, 120/80 sounds normal, T3 & T4 could possibly be bones in your spine, don't know what Blue Crest testing is, if you can swim two lengths, you can swim two lengths further than me and the cappuccino sounds lovely.

    After reading your post and trying to work it out, I think I need a nice cappuccino myself.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again once you have your results.

    Have a good day.

    Regards John.

  • Sometimes a low thyroid can cause breathing issues. But a FEV1 of 69 is considered mild COPD, or maybe mild airway restriction. What was your total lung capacity? Also, a low thyroid can cause low DLCO.

  • Hi yes I am having breathing difficulties especially on waking and dealing with chest pain in the mornings. I don't know my total lung capacity, but ive been seen by consultants and had the mannitol challenge last November and it was just on the borderline. they have put it down to lifelong allergic asthma especially to cats and dogs and house dust mites. I keep away from pets but the house dust mites are unavoidable. I was prescribed monteleukast and steroids but I seem to have bad reactions to these and fexofenadine allergy drug. I hate taking meds as often feel worse. What is DLCO please?

  • DLCO is how well your lungs exchange oxygen. Mines are only working at fifty percent. That means carbon dioxide I think it is stays trapped in my lungs causing problems, because I can't empty all of their air out of my lungs.

  • FEV IS forced expiratory volume.

    A regular test for most with lung problems.

  • ooh apologies John I guess I posted in the wrong forum. hope you had a nice cappuccino and don't worry about my results haha



  • Hi Lauren, no need for apologies. Hope your results come back OK.

    The cappuccino was lovely.

    Wishing you good health.


  • Hi John

    How are you? Hope you're well. I've had my results back .

    I have a lot of borderline results but nothing major except for the muscle strength result. My result was 2.3kg compared to the standard range which is 20kg or over. It's been suggested I do some strength trading exercises.

  • Hi LaurieRose "Thank You" for taking the time to let us know how you are doing.

    Borderline sounds good in the sense that you may be able to either stop things getting worse or even improve your condition a bit.

    Your hand grip strength seems very low. Do you know what is causing it? I have just had all the nerves and muscles tested in my hands and the top of my legs. Testing the nerves was alright as they just use stick on electrodes but to test the muscles they stick 3 inch needles in them. Not a good experience. Needed a nice cappuccino after it. 😬

    Been for my Oxygen Review today. Nothing's changed so at least I've not got any worse.

    You mention in one of your replies that you are on steroids. I've been on them for a while now and the main problem I have with them is that they are playing havoc with my sleep pattern. Sometimes I am up all night but since they were dropped down to 20mg things are a bit better.

    I hope you are keeping well yourself.


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