A few months ago I had pains in my chest,back and arms.I went to the docs and was sent for x rays and blood tests.The x rays showed early copd and was told to stop smoking which I have(last ciggie April 19)The blood tests showed arthritis,,,The thing is I have no symptoms as other people do,I walk miles in my job(postie)l go jogging with my dog,I still play football now and again and don't get out of breath unduly.I do still get the occasional pain in my back and arms but it's controlled easily with painkillers.Will the copd get worse or is it controllable? (Should mention my age,56).

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With a proper diagnosis usually by spirometer test, it can be controllable.

Although smoking is the major cause, any toxic fumes or smoke will cause a hindrance.

Your work gives you all the exercise you need.

Just be aware of any products that impact on your breathing no matter our little. And avoid

Keep a sensible diet.

Thanks for the prompt reply,I know people with the same problem who have to rely on family or friends to get out,I know this would drive me dotty .

Hi it sounds like you are very mild if you don't need meds. Copd is progressive but usually only very slowly and by leading a healthy lifestyle you stand every chance of something else getting you well before that does. x

That's what I thought,,,obviously I don't want to get worse,hence the no smoking...Fingers well and truly crossed.x

Well done on stopping smoking Dave; all the exercise you do should keep the copd mild. Take care, Margaret x

Well done to give up smoking Dave, hope that helps keep you well. Does sound mild if you don't need inhalers. Best Wishes

I was diagnosed in 1991 stopped smoking early eighties, I do get very breathless at times constant cough etc but feel fortunate that I am only on inhalers x3, lung age 90 I am 71 so not too bad so good luck you may never get too bad I am just progressing slowly and hope not to get much worse

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