Fostair instead of Seretide

Can anyone tell me more about Fostair as I have just been changed to it from seretide, but having read up about side effects I am not very happy, as two bad interactions are possible with two of the heart drugs I take. Also I was told that I was not eligible for oxygen as my SATs and lung function were too good. A good thing really but I don't know what is going on - two weeks ago I could hardly walk across the room without SATs dropping to 85. I am seeing two new consultants, one heart one lungs , in Bristol in the next few weeks - let's hope they talk to each other.

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  • Hello Carnival,

    I have been on Fostair now for about 12months, no, longer, I cannot remember. I have copd but nothing else that I know of. I do not know about side effects . It suits me down to the ground, and I feel very little need for a puff of salamol for in between times, only if I am doing something strenuous . I wish you all the very best results on seeing your Consultants. Did they say why your medication had been changed? Cost? Tell them you want the other one back and don't take Fostair if it is not suiting you.

  • Hi Jennifer

    I saw a respiratory nurse practitioner at my new practice and she said that in this part of Wales this was what was recommended, but I am a bit concerned about drug interactions. Thanks for your comments, very reassuring. I see the new cardiologist next week so perhaps I shall get some advice.

  • Hi Carnival,

    I agree with Jennifer. If you don't want to take a drug, then don't. Having said that I have been using Fostair for six years with no side effects. I also take dygoxin,candesarten and bisopralol for my heart and as far as I know they haven't clashed with it. Sorry I can't give you a definite idea of what to do. It will be interesting to hear what both doctors have to say won't it.

  • Thanks. That is very encouraging.

  • Hi

    I change to Fostair NEXThaler, no problems I find it better than Seretide.

    If you have any concerns go back to your GP, there are alternatives.

  • Hi. First my Seretide was changed to Sirdupla which I didn't get on with. After six months (and two chest infections) my respiratory nurse changed it to Fostair. I was dubious at first, however, I find it brilliant. Far better than Seretide. I to rarely have to use ventolin whilst on it. No side effects. I've asthma and small airways disease not copd.

  • I was changed from Seratide to Fostair and it suits me just fine but, as with many other things about respiratory problems, everyone is different.

  • I am on fostair at first not to bad now had to up doze to three times a day two puffs every time have told the doc so now he is sending me to see a hart doc as think something wrong

  • Check that your GP is aware; phone & tell them you've read the leaflet and have concerns with the possible interactions. See what they have to say.

  • Hi carnival I agree with the others if you are not happy taking the new inhaler ask for another one. I have COPD and a small showing of bronchiectasis. And recently been dx with psoriatic arthritis. And the rheumytolagist consultant wanted me to take a tablet that could damage your lungs and I refused it. As my lungs are already damaged. The other tablet I was given has a rare side effect of damage to the lungs. But I have to take it to slow down the progression of the arthritis . And the tablet has other bad side effects. but I still have to take them. Because with me having COPD there is a limit to what they can give me. Hope you find the right inhaler that suits you. Take care xx

  • From my experience it is important that you get both heart and lung specialists to agree and try to get together with a common goal. Ask them what they are going to do regarding the other condition?

    Mine do not seem to have that goal and work to their own subject matter. My GP's will not change a thing that either recommends it has been left to me to argue my case with them.

    I was stress tested to see if I needed O2 but I did very well that day which seems to happen. 2 days earlier I could hardly get up the stairs?

    Be well

  • I agree entirely about lack of consultant communication. I have yet to find out about new consultants, my last cardiologist was very good which is why I am on dronedarone not amiodarone but resp consultant just did quick checks. The resp consultant I am seeing is national expert on bronchiectasis so am hopeful. AF is a pain! Thanks for support.

  • I was taken off Seretide and given an alternative - Duoresp Spiromax; I persevered for a week (silly me) had to sleep propped up on 4 pillows and coughing my lungs up. Took it back to doctor along with a stack of hard copy complaints from other users and was on no steroid inhaler for quite a while so bought a Seretide 250 on-line which cost in the region of £90!! Stubborn infection a few months ago and doc gave me Fostair which I find really good and more versatile than Seretide. If you live in Wales as I do this is all down to cost cutting in my opinion. It does pay to insist on getting an inhaler that suits YOU - from all the posts on HU I was able to point out to doc that we are all different and there's no one size fits all option.

  • Fostair was no good for me so went back on seretide after four weeks. Breathing was worse using fostair

  • my doctor put me on fostair I have had mild copd for 4 years with no change I have never smoked have ashma to I have been doing a breathing exercise and since been on fostair I have never or hardly had a tite chest and never have to use the blue inhaler and feel great I would recommend it and I can exercice vigeroulsy also I read in the news that theirs a new drug out for ashma which gets rid of inflammation out of your lungs for good also I can blow 500 plus on peak flow meter and am 61 but feel in my self very fit so never give up hope people new cures on the horizon

  • Hi guytane! Glad to hear you're doing so well, that's great. Fevipiprant, the new anti-inflammatory asthma drug mentioned in the media recently, won't be available for years yet as more trials are needed Stay well :)

  • Hello carnival. Both Fostair & Seretide contain the same types of drug, eg a steroid and a long-acting beta2 agonist, so you'd think the side effects & interactions would be similar. Fostair is a bit cheaper but I think I read somewhere (can't find it now)* that the particles are finer & it controls asthma better. Also Fostair can be used flexibly according to symptoms. I would check the interactions with your gp but if he's happy give it a go

    *here's one summary of the research

  • Hi Hanna62

    I have started Fostair and find so far I get mildish palpitations but as I am seeing cardiologist on Thursday I will be able to discuss it with him. I also have appointment with thoracic specialist next month. I'm sure I am not the only one who finds the thought of making new relationships with doctors. I expect everything will be fine though. Just turned into a worrier - most unlike me!

  • According to my doctor research has shown that users of Seretide are more prone to pneumonia than those using Fostair. I myself have COPD/Severe Emphysema in both lungs plus Ischaemic heart disease.

    If you were to read all medication side effects I don't think you would want to take another tablet.

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