Thank you!!!

Woke to no cough...feel normal...Thank you NHS

For the first time in 5 months no coughing when I got up (COPD)

For the first time in 3 months no pain when I stretched first time this morning. (Sciatica)

I know a lot of folk don't get a break like this but I felt I had to say and thank the NHS from the bottom of my heart.

The work involved in getting me here phenomenonal.




And thanks to all you wonderful people who made me feel part of the world.

I know it may return but days like this are special.

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Make the most of feeling good. That's brilliant. Xxxx

Thanks Sassy ☺

That's very good news. Look after your back though and still take it easy for a while. Make sure you bend and lift properly etc. x

Thank you C I'm taking a lot more care now

That's lovely to hear. Thing is that if you hadn't felt bad it wouldn't have felt quite so brilliant feeling good again. Look after yourself and make it last.

Sue x

Thanks Wattie ☺

please please what did you do, I want to do it too.

I don't know but now I'm hoping for Groundhog Days 😂😄

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