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Been struggling this week. Breathing really not been at optimum levels. I don't know whether its the heat/humidity, whether its just slow progression of my COPD/Bronchiectasis getting worse (I have been coughing up more flem recently) or whether I'm still recovering from simply over doing things last weekend.

I've not done much all week, except sit around finding things to do or watch on this here laptop of mine. I did go out with the wife and her dad to the pictures yesterday though to see the new Star Trek film in IMAX 3D. Really enjoyed it.

Back to sitting around on my derriere today though, hoping this feeling won't last past the weekend.

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I do hope you feel better soon Symes. Take care and glad you enjoyed the film. Xxxx

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Thanks Sassy :)


Hi It has been humid so it could be that, but keep an eye on it and ask for help if you need to.

Glad you enjoyed the film. I am a Trekkie but only for the original series. x

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Sorry that you're not picking up as quickly as you'd like or had expected, Symes. I'm wondering if you did have a chest infection or not? I think there are some funny things going round - I've been feeling off all week but not as bad as a usual exacerbation so I'm just looking at my antibiotics and steroids and wondering.

Be careful to avoid what I think Toci called death by sofa. Sit about and rest because that's what your body's telling you to do but you also have to make yourself walk around. BLF say that even when you're in hospital you should get out of bed and walk at least once in every hour. (Not always possible!) And drink plenty of water - it will help you, and help to get all that gunk off your chest. Having all that there does pull you down.

Sorry if it sounds like nagging. It's meant to be encouraging.

Be well.

Sue x


Not nagging at all Sue, it's ok!

I do try and walk about the house a little bit (mainly when I need the loo or to get something to eat) - and my wife has had me hanging the washing out this afternoon, so I'm not permanently sat here. It just feels like it. And I've got a water bottle on my side table so I do make sure I get plenty of water.

Thanks for the encouragement, it is needed :) x

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