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I have inherited a portable concentrator from my late father and I would like to pass it on (for free) to anyone prepared to drive to Brentwood to collect it. It was serviced just over two years ago shortly before my father died so is in good condition,and I am told by the manufacturer that it is not an obsolete model. Please contact Steve Beer via private message if you are interested.

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  • That's really kind of you. People often ask about portable O2 on here.

    I don't use it, I'm sure someone will be along soon.

  • thanks for your message

  • I don't use O2 but it's very kind of you as I know these things are expensive to buy.

  • thanks for your message

  • Hi,

    Do you still have this available? For some reason, I'm unable to send you a private message?!

    Julie :)

  • Hi, sorry to delay yes I do?

  • My mum has recently been placed on oxygen and as she likes travelling, we have been looking for a portable concentrator for her that she can use, however, they are a bit pricey!

    As mentioned before, I can't seem to message you, so if If you would be able to email me at, I'd be grateful.

    Thanks Steve

    Julie :)

  • Mrs Mummy did you edit my contact details?

  • Julie I have e-mailed you

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