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Long Term Chest Infection Pulmonary Opacities

Hi folks I new to this site and wonder if anyone could offer me some advice.

I already have a long term health condition severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which means my immune system is not great. During the beginning of Jan 2016, I caught a really bad chest infection. Went to docs but was not give any medication. I did not improve so returned to docs about 2 weeks later because I had coughed up blood streaked phlegm. New doc prescribed Amoxicillin 500mg for a week and suggested Xray and referred to chest specialist . Continues coughing for months, don't know if it was viral or bacterial. Xray was clear, specialist sent me for CT scan in March. Chest Specialist said CT scan showed signs of pulmonary opacities in the base of lungs but did not offer any explanation except that I'd had a chest infection, no treatment provided. Further CT scan in July 2016 shows no change and specialist suggested lung function test for September 2016. Although I'm not feeling so bad at present, but I'm concerned that the chest infection has not cleared up properly.

Any advice or suggestions would be most grateful.

Many thanks


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Hi justiny and welcome. I hope you enjoy being here.

The good thing is that you're not feeling so bad at present. If you're worried that your chest infection hasn't cleared up properly you could ask your GP (new doc) if he'd send off a sputum specimen to check that it's clear. If you start feeling ill again go back to be seen.

We're not doctors and can't tell you what the specialist is thinking, but lung function tests are a routine part of completing their picture and getting your diagnosis. A two month wait wouldn't suggest they're anxious about you. You probably are and that's understandable because you don't know what's going on.

Try not to be too worried - look after yourself, eat healthily, try to walk or exercise, and come back for another chat soon.

Sue x


Hi there, thanks so much for the reply. I can't understand why a sputum specimen has never requested. Having Chronic Fatigue, I do find it very difficult to overcome most viral infections. I am eating well and trying to exercise but I do feel a bit anxious, but as you say the specialist doesn't seem to be in a hurry for me to have a Lung Function Test. Never had one before, so unsure of the procedure.

Will chat again soon

Justiny X

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Hi Justiny a very warm welcome to our friendly and informative forum.

I can't really add much more to the excellent advice that Watfordgirl has given you.

I too have problems with my immune system so that will explained the chronic fatigue that I have suffered from. As you rightly say it is most probably why you have trouble getting on top of infections.

It still sounds from what you say that the infection you have been suffering from hasn't cleared fully cleared up. All I can say is that I would keep going back to the Doctors until you are satisfied that it has.

Don't worry about Lung Function tests. They will give your Doctor/Consultant (if you have one) a lot of valuable information as to how your lungs are performing and the best treatment to give you.

Try not to worry, which I know is easier said than done. Look after yourself and remember someone is always on the forum if you need support.

Keep in touch.

Regards. John


Hi, thanks for reply and info. Seems like a very friendly informative site. Many people do not realise that complications caused by CFS and lowered immunity. Sometimes I feel like Dot Cotton, if isn't my leg or head its usually something, else, I sound like a proper hypochondriac sometimes. At present waiting for letter from the chest specialist and then going back to doctor for more advice. Will be in touch.

Kind regards



I saw my xrays--and white stuff was fluid they had to get off--you might ask about this--just a white smokey look , I was very short of breath for months Mmet


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