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Update on inhalers

Hi all. Had Brompton follow up to change of inhalers today. Pleased that I saw the dr who looked after me when I was in the Brompton early June, and who oversaw tests and change of inhalers. My blood gasses were better today. Had a long chat, and she could see how dry and breathless I was. So she has suggested stopping spiriva sympbicort, and go back to Flixotide and atrovent for 2-3 weeks, and then I'm going back to clinic and will look review again. Will be interesting to see how I feel in a few days time

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Interesting re inhalers - please keep us updated misuse.


Will do


Not a very successful visit to Brompton today. I think they are flummoxed. Saw Dr I haven't seen for quite a few years, he's now a prof. We had a long chat. My problem is my lungs are scrunched up due to scoliosis, nothing else seems to be going on. My lung function is worse, which may be due to the bad infection I had in Dec and which took three lots of ABs to knock on head. He feels there was really no need to change my inhalers as Atrovent and Flixotide are as good as any as I have no underlying disease as such and no asthma. So no change of inhalers. He hopes pulmonary rehab will help, I have assessment on 7th Sept. Talked about various things such as sleeping flat, no problem with that, other than waking up fighting for breath during night, which he thinks more pillows may help. very frustrating. So can only hope PR kicks start my breathing. We shall see. I knew at some point Brompton would say they had helped me as much as they could, but hoped it wouldn't be just yet. :)


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