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Hi everyone, well had my ct scan and blood tests done at the hospital. Then I get my follow up appt for 5th October. So I rang the doctors Secretary for my results and she said they don't give results over the phone my GP doesn't get them apparently so now I have to wait till October seems a long time what if they find something don't even know if doc has looked at them it's very worrying Secretary said if it was anything serious they would call me in not sure if I believe her. Has anyone else had this at all? Thanks.

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Hi Janetj, l do agree that it is a bit daft to make people wait like that. It is the same at our surgery, Pete had hospital blood tests done and has to wait until September for those.

Surely they would be in touch if there was anything really serious? I like to think so. Xxx

Thanks sassy it annoys me when you see all these things on tv telling you to see a doctor if you have a long term cough or are breathless asap then you have to wait months to see anyone daft isn't it but hopefully your right x

Hi JanetJAM, Oh dear me - that's three months. Well, you know that. It's too long to wait with this hanging over you. Uncertainty is pants and it sounds as if you have a lot going.

I did have this , not as bad but similar, and had a phone calling asking me to go in the next day. Against that, you're at a different hospital and you can never be sure with these things that you haven't slipped through the hole in the net.

I'd think about phoning the secretary again. You could ask if the results could please go to your GP so that he can tell you where you are now. It's only patients who make a bit of a fuss, in the nicest possible way, who get anywhere in this sort of situation. Your GP may not be able to tell you about what treatment will be offered etc but at least you'll be a bit further on.

Let us know what happens. Good luck, and look are yourself.

Sue x

Hi Sue

Thanks that sounds like a good idea, at least then i will know what if anything the tests show. Thanks for the advice.


Hi Janet that's not right you having to wait all that time for the results. But if there was anything to contact you about they will do that. I have been contacted in the past by the hospital that have done tests. Your GP should also beable to see any results of any tests you have had. They can at my GP. Try not to worry to much. I am sure if the hospital found anything you would be the first to know. Take care x

thanks for your message hopefully will be ok x

I know my Mum's GP has told her that if anything is found on blood test results that needs treating, they have a duty to contact you within 24 hours. I'm guessing that's the same or similar everywhere, so I guess it's a case of no news is good (ish) news.


My GP called twice, 1st to say the hospital wanted a CT after my x-ray, then to tell me the result of the scan. This is in NHS ayrshire and Arran.

I did ask my GP but he said the results go back to the person that requested them which was the doctor at the hospital and he doesnt get them seems strange i thought they would be put on my records. Didnt expect to wait till October but hpefully everyone is right and no news is good news will post a message if i hear anything. Thanks everyone.

Yep my husband had a cat scan befor Easter this year via NHS and GP referral. The results were phoned through to him at home from the hospital radiography department one day after the scan to say that everything was clear and only showing very mild hyperinflation.

Very impressed with the response. Perhaps I would ask the radiography department at the hospital to call you with the results.

Regards JP

Sadly, I think you have to be proactive these days - that's my nice way of saying 'be a nuisance'! Last year I was waiting for appointments and results for another condition and kept phoning the secretary once a week. She quickly got things sorted out for me and my appointment was brought forward as I think I was put down as an 'anxious' patient. Well, I don't mind being called that at all - it's what I am! Aren't most of us? Look after yourself and shout as loud (politely) as you need. Sometimes it IS possible for things to fall into cyberspace when someone doesn't input correctly, so don't just sit back and take it for granted that everything is in place. I speak from experience.

However, I have also been contacted very quickly when necessary, so I'm sure this bears out the 'no news is good news' theory.

If you are worrying, though, see if you can get bumped up the list a bit - your GP may be able to help you with that.

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