Hi folks i hope today is being kind to you health, its been a while since ive logged on ive been off-line for some time but i'm happy to be able to read your posts and find comfort knowing that i'm not alone living with this awful disease (stage 3 COPD diagnosis-2010)

Since my diagnosis i persevered with work as much as i could until i began to slow right down to the point of falling really ill resulting in a left lung collapse. I am 44 years old and (or i was) a self employed Joiner/Carpenter/Cabinetmaker and a very proud one at that. Its been 3 years since ive worked now and just over a year ago my savings were gone and for the first time in my life i applied for benefits.

After speaking to citizens advice i was put in touch with a great person from welfare rights who was absolutely brilliant, she came to my home and after i dug out all of my work records N.I contributions, tax records and diagnosis details she assured me that i was entitled to range of different benefits and helped me fill in all the relevant forms.

After various medical assesments and a few months down the line i was finally awarded these payments including back payments, which my welfare rights worker said its what i deserve,she bent over backwards to sort that out for me and to whom i'm hugely grateful. Although my health condition did'nt improve the quality of my life certainly did been able to get a fulltime carer and able to afford decent quality food and loose fitting clothing and internet connection which is important as i am basically house bound.

One year on and following a recent medical assessment the DWP have decided that i no longer qualify for these disability payments even tho my condition has worsened since last year, ive lost my carer and depts are welfare rights worker is disgusted ive had to request a mandatory reconsideration before i can appeal,which apparently no one ever gets and takes months. i am usually pretty good dealing with stress and anxiety but its out of control now and having a knock on affect on my illness. all my working life paying into a system which is supposed to look after you if you fall ill,get old or both has just shafted me.

is there any readers out there having or had the same trouble i'd be interested to know how you got on with it.

Thank You for taking the time to read this

Kind Regards


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  • Hi there I haven't got those problems. ...I just want to say how disgusted I am that they are treating like this......I don't know how things work on these things but there are members on here that do and they will help you try to sort yourself out.


  • Thanks Andy

  • I went from feeling elated for you to down right rage. I am of no help to you but this sort of thing makes me sooo angry, I myself do not get financial help but I do know quite a few people who have been on benefits .... even a car, for years with less wrong with them, I don't know how it works but it certainly is NOT fair...I feel heart sorry for you and hope and pray you WILL get help soon..Keep us posted......😥

  • Thanks Baily

  • Hi there Joe, l must say that Pete has not had your problems fortunately but l do find myself totally disgusted at your treatment. Your condition has worsened so you are having benefits taken away? What! If you can, please write to your MP and tell him everything. Surely someone can fight your corner.

    I do wish you well but your abysmal treatment is upsetting to say the least. Xxxxxx

  • Thankyou #sassy x

  • Just wanted to say Joe... bless your heart and feel for you. I would certainly echo what the poster has said. xxx

  • Thank you

  • So sorry about your situation. Can't really add to the suggestions already made. Any mileage in getting a sympathetic GP on board? Is your MP any good?

    All the best

    K x

  • Thank you, My health care worker and welfare rights officer are on the case, i will keep everyone informed of the outcome as i'm sure there will be more sufferers who is'nt getting the support they are entitled to.

    thanks again


  • Oh Linda, i'm so sorry to hear that after all the years you have worked you are made to feel like you have to beg for help from a system you have paid into all of your working life, your situation is far worse than mine and it makes me even more bitter knowing this is happening to is absolutely disgusting.

    Linda I strongly advise you seek help from Age UK or Welfare Rights they will fight your corner because they prefer to help people who are genuine, especially to fill those Awful forms in, don't bother with Citizens advice because although they can be good, they are not qualified enough in these cases.

    There's people out there who have not worked in there lives and have been fleecing the system for years at me and your expense ( The Tax Payer ) claiming to be ill and there's bloody nowt wrong with them yet are driving brand new cars and have Wide screen telly's and get 100's of pounds a month makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

    Our years of hard work and contributions into the countries economy accounts for nothing. the thought of this just makes me depressed and anxious and does no good to my deteriorating illness.

    I wish you the very best Linda

  • Ok Belinda,

    I found with previous form filling it seems to ask the same question twice but in a different context, i've been told this is designed to "trip you up" and is enough for them to refuse applications. its almost like been accused of lying, the whole criteria is outrageous, why are we in the same catagory as those who have done nothing in their lives ?

    Best of luck and best wishes Belinda.

    keep in touch


  • josepboyes123 ,just to let you know I had to ask for Mandatory Review and was not given a decision to my benefit so then went down the Appeal of Appeals route and after 12months if paperwork from anybody who had medically had anything to do with me and letters from friends etc,I WON never give up,never.

    Wishing you the very best of luck in your Appeal and of course keep us in the picture.

  • Thank you, i'm still waiting for an appeal date, its been nearly 12 months now and i've been in hospital about 6 times with lung failures and have a pile of paper work describing my health issues, maybe it might convince the authorities i am actually poorly.

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