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Hi I am new to site and new to copd been diagnosed recently. I am an ex smoker who has had asthma for 28 years and work in a dusty environment from woods and pottery ceramics and glazing. My lung capacity is 70% but I do not know what stage copd I have. I am struggling walking up inclines or stairs. I sweat a lot when I do anything and have persistant pain in my chest. Does anyone have any info as to maybe what stage it sounds like etc please. Thankyou

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  • hi, I'm fairly new to this too, did they mention your FEV1 score as hats the only way I know to tell which stage. I am at 47% capacity and I am moderate if that helps. :)

  • Hi the stages can be slightly different depending on which country you live in but if you are in the UK then generally 80-90% is mild - stage 1. 50-79% is moderate - stage 2, 30-49% is severe - stage 3. 29% and under is very severe which is stage 4. This is sometimes called end stage but that term is not often used now and many stage 4 people live a long time in that stage. Between 90-99% is just considered a variation of the norm.

    My lung function (FEV1) is very similar to yours at mid 70's and I too find stairs, hills etc, difficult and have to go quite slowly. At this level you can still lead a fairly normal life just doing things a bit more slowly. Working in a dusty environment will not help and could make your lung damage worse. Is it possible to wear a mask at work?

    If you look after yourself you can live to a ripe old age and this will get you before your copd does. The pain in your chest isn't typical so maybe you have a chest infection or something? You need to get this checked out by your doctor so don't take any chances. Ok?

    You will get a lot more replies in the morning as us lungies tend to retire early. x

  • Thankyou. The replies I have had from this site are great. You have explained one heck of a lot and helped me to look at things more positively (I need to with first grand daughter on the way).

  • You are very welcome robdonn. It's just passing on what I have learnt on this fab site. Any more questions or problems just fire away and someone will know! Bev x

  • Welcome to the site, RobDonn, Bev has covered everything really well for you. Your workplace is probably agitating your lungs. As she said, maybe a mask. What inhalers do you use? The sweating and pain in the chest, need to be checked out.😊 Good luck to you.😊 Rubyxx

  • Hi and thankyou for your reply. I am on simbicort, ventolin and a new one for the copd spira something or other. My GP has told my wife the simbicort could be interfering with the copd one so I have to try a few days to a week without the simbicort and if I have any problems to go back onto it. I need to be seen in a week or so.

  • Hi I am a bit puzzled by this as one of the standard drugs for copd is symbicort! This is called a preventer and it opens your airways so you can breathe better. The blue ventolin one is a reliever for when you are especially short of breath. Spiriva is used to strengthen the lungs in the long term. Bev x

  • Hi. I am asthmatic with a couple of other allergies. I have been on symbicort for quite a few years now as it was the main one that has helped keep asthma under check apart from chest infections. My Dr has told me I could be having a reaction with using the symbicort and the spiriva together so I need to try without the symbicort for about a week. If I find I need the symbicort, I will have to start using it again and make an appointment asap. She said she would try a different type of medication. She also said the pain could be off coughing a lot and maybe causing pain on the inside of the rib cage. It feels as strong as a chest infection but not the same taste etc. I have found whilst doing anything I sweat a load, my face goes bright red and I can feel pounding in my face and head. Also whilst walking up banks I get a feeling like everything is starting to muffle and fade, I need to stop as it feels like I am going to go down.

  • well am ex smoker two packs on weekends not smoked for two years wiht with pushing myself exercise wise,shock the docs and tthat is how it is going to stay.

  • Welcome to the site Robdon :)

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