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Newby to copd

Hi, I am 49 years old. I have recently been diagnosed with copd. I have been asthmatic since the age of 21, had bronchula pneumonia aged 5 and bronchitus at least once a year until diagnosed asthmatic. I have been stopped smoking for 1 and a half years and I was working in a very dusty environment with wood dusts and pottery glazes. My lung capacity was 70% just over a year ago and it feels like the inside of my chest is in constant pain. I am getting out of breath especially walking up banks or doing anything physical. I can feel my heart beat in my face and I sweat a load. I am a newby to copd, dont know much about it but have read different conflicting reports online. I was wondering if anyone else has the same sort of symptoms? Thankyou

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Welcome robdonn and glad you have found HU. You have stopped smoking which is great and you need to take care if your health with exercise and eating well.

My husband has sarcoidosis and COPD (bronchitis) and will be 65 in October. I hope you get all the help you need.xxx


Thankyou. A touch weird reading different stories in different sites but non seem to have the same answers. From what I have read I take it this is going to one day take my life (unless I was to get run over or something else) (not deliberately trying to be morbid, just looking for info) so Its basically questions of what stage I could be at with 70% lung capacity at the age of 49.

Thankyou so much and any information, good or bad, will be gratefully received

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Well, according to most people on this site who have been diagnosed a long time ago, their docs have told them something else i.e old age is likely to get them first. I have 47% capacity and am moderate. Exercise and healthy eating will help you to control your health, they seem to be the key things which can positively affect COPD.

Don't let COPD control your life, you need to own it and work towards making improvements.

Take care xx


Hello Robin

Welcome to the best site in the world for getting all the help, support, facts and information you need.

Tip number one don't read or don't believe all you read on ' Doctor Google...it will frighten you.

Listen to the people on here who have lived with this illness for years, and you will be more hopeful for your future.

Eat healthily, exercise, get your meds sorted, discuss your pains with your GP, and try and stay positive.

Sometimes when you get breathless you get anxious, l do and l feel my heartbeat and feel hot, but it could be something else...so again discuss this with your GP.

Hope to hear more from you, and post any questions, someone is always about who can give you advice or support 24 / 7



Welcome robdonn


Hi There are various measures & %s in diagnosis - none are called just 'lung capacity'. We need to see what your Fev1/FVC ratio is - it will be on your spirometry result.

Ask you surgery for a copy and then come back.

Or get a list of questions you want answered & ask the GP or respiratory/practice nurse.

Best wishes

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Thankyou to everyone. I have read your comments with interest and they are all very positive which I thank you all for. I have been told to come off my symbicort for a week as it may be interfering with the copd inhaler. I totally see what people mean about Dr Google and wont be reading any more apart from this site. I am so pleased to find it. I will be seeing my GP again in a week or so and I will ask for the results of the spirometery (please excuse spelling) test. Once again a big thankyou, my mind has been put at rest and I am sure I will come back with some more questions once I get a copy of the fev


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