Hair still falling out in handfuls

.... Other than that over the last week or so since I was last on here, I have been to the hospital for a Lung Function Test. Had to blow in and out of a tube fast, slow and normal, without use of then after use of blue inhaler.

Have been using the symbicort inhaler, which has made a massive difference, I havent needed the ventolin inhaler at all since beginning on the symbicort, and I sleep well, hardly cough or wheeze at all now.

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Things do sound positive for you erica apart from the hair loss which is not great. Are you seeing anyone about that?

Wishing you well xxxx

thanks sassy, I havent done anything yet about the hair loss as I do normally get it a bit in summer anyway. I was going to see how it went for a bit first, it may just be heavier than normal because of all my body has had to deal with the last few weeks.

I am going for lung function test on te 11 th Aug is it really hard to do I am really nervous I've heard you have to go in a box any they put gas in xx

Hi Clyde-9608 , someone's been pulling your leg and scaring you!

No, the lung function tests aren't hard - you can only do what you can manage, but there's nothing to be nervous about. The plastic box is a bit weird - clear plastic, you sit down and do some more blowing. There's no gas!!

Sue x

Thank you Watford girl I will listen to you because you have done it ,so thanks for getting back to me, hope everything goes good for you x

I didnt have to go in a box, it was a nice room with a medic guy who ran the test.

Had to breathe in and out of a tube that I had in my mouth, a big tube, and a peg on my nose. I could take it off between tests. It wasnt an ordeal at all.

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