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Advice on Emphysema please?


My name is Pete, (aka Yuk) Hodgson. I'm new here. Still working in my workshop retailing parts for rally/race cars. Started approx. 6 years ago feeling short on breath, being a lifetime smoker I went on the stop-smoking thing with patches/inhaler, had an x-ray and doctor says never seen such a good pair of lungs and heart so started smoking again after 2 years off 'em. But was still short of breath so after another x-ray & a breathing test, doctor told me I had emphysema and told to stop smoking which I have for 3 .5 years. I'm struggling to understand the information given by my doctor as it seems vague and uninformative as to the risks or cures of emphysema. Has anyone got any tips on how to live with it or improve my health?

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For further information go to

as you are still working you are probably not yet ready for pulmonary rehablitation.

I would look at any fumes you may be inhaling which could have a impact on your breathing. With emphysema you are likely to be intolerant to some substances that give of a strong smell which can trigger breathing difficulties

There are many members on the forum who can answers most questions.


Hi ,I'm at stage 2 copd and still work full time I'm attending pr at the moment,u should sign up for it u learn loads of good tips and get a lot off good advice ,thay allso notice I had air hunnger witch makes it bit more difficult to breath ,hopefully get this sorted,thay can give u a lot off answers too ' have a thing about it ,all the best X


Welcome yukspeed


Hi, Re- the risks and cures of Emphysema. There re plenty of risks but I'm afraid no known cure.

As you are still working I don't think the exercise side of Pulmonary Rehab would be of too much help. However the talks and lectures and advice sessions are most important to everybody. Try to get your G.P. to refer you for such course. Cheers


Yukspeed, sorry to mention I'm 71 year old male. Peter Hodgson.


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