It definitely comes in threes

I have decided now that I cannot be let out alone.

Sunday last went to Felixstowe old town to take dog for a walk along the dog friendly beach. Fell up stone steps and ended up with a wonderful blue/black coloured knee on left leg.

Yesterday went for a 5 mile bike ride. Took the dropped kerb at a bad angle and guess what, came off my bike. Grazed leg, arm and swollen (now extremely bruised) right leg.

Went to a dinner party this evening by a taxi (so I can have a tipple or two) guess what back seat of taxi was soaked and ended up with a wet bum. Arrived at party and hostess had to dry bottom off with hairdryer. Ooo wonderful. It s a good job I can see the funny side of life.


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Your skin will be lovely colours for a good few days!...definitely not been your week has it.............I hope it was just water on the taxi seat...........

I have to edit this because I meant to ask about the little bird, and hope it is still ok.


Hi JP1954 don't be in such a rush to give up your independence.

The use of a Zimmer Frame when walking your dog will help stop you falling up steps and injuring yourself.

Get some stabilisers fitted to your bike. They will help keep you steady and prevent you falling off.

I recommend good quality incontinence pants to keep your bum dry. They are very discreet and you wouldn't need to trouble your host with such trivial matters

I do hope I have been of some help to you.

Regards. John

ha ha ha!!!

I think at this rate I'll have to buy a three wheeler, and as for the incontinence pads, well I need them anyway for keep fit, especially star jumps

Hee hee πŸ˜‚

Sorry for laughing JP, not your week was it.

It could have been worse, you could have gone bungee jumping, or skydiving. πŸ˜‚

Keep seeing the funny side of life JP, it's the best way to be.


Well they say things happen in threes JP so that's your lot for a while hopefully.

Take care and keep smiling . Xxx

Hello JP I am sorry to say the last part with the hairdryer made me guffaw and set myself off coughing. It was worth it though. 😁 I wish you a speedy recovery and maybe knee and elbow pads and a helmet when you go out. πŸ˜‡

Take good care.

Cas xx πŸ€

Hi JP_, keep smiling, wish the threes would stop there but they don't always. Never rains but what it pours, as it did on the taxi seat in your case :) :) . Hope you had a good dinner party after the taxi mishap. How are your bruises today, less sore and fading I hope. Take care xx

Ouch! But still made me laugh, I'm afraid as such things always seem to happen to me too! Well, not the taxi seat - haven't managed that one yet - but as I'm using taxis occasionally now due to no longer driving, I'll certainly check the seat first in future! Lol! Hope you have some shorts the right shade of blue to go with your bruises. Hope you're not too sore for long!

Ha ha made me laugh, especially the taxi seat!

I like MoyB will be using taxi's occasionally as I reluctantly let the car go last week. Trying to stay positive about giving up driving and thinking of the saved money from car tax, insurance & petrol. Mind you, cost of taxi! yet to find out, but I will also be checking the seats out. Trust you don't live near me!

Stay well.

My friend Jeannie has now bought a bike so we will be off out on Tuesday. Two Mary Poppins, still keeps us fit (if you don't fall off that is!!!).




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