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Things You FORGET To Ask Lung Consultants

Things You FORGET To Ask Lung Consultants

Following my gut investigations WITH my gi doctor why do I feel they was holding out on me.

LAST time I seen my lung doc HE said lung noodle following CT scan after referral from my gi doc that looked dodgy had resolved it's self BUT stoped short of saying all was fine.

My G.I doctor had said I had simple liver cyst THAT I think don't look that simply AS it as it distorts my belly on liver left side ANYWAY he said I also suffer gut stomach hyperseanvatity LIKE really BUT did say about seeing lung doctor with seance of urgency in he's tone.

So given what I have found out if you are lung disease suffer and if you have gut trouble I.e pain AND have been exposed to silica & asbestos pain could be pulmonary fibrosis.

How many ASBESTOS suffers been DX with stomach hypersensitivity befour pulmonary fibrosis DX as I would be very interested to hear.

Obversely am doing TAD speculating BUT there is a process that stomach pulmonary fibrosis dose to your stomach cells STRIPs way coating of your GUTs and only happens with pulmonary fibrosis AND I guess it causes stomach hypersensitivity to be polite.

Think it works like that anti 1 thing but totally different processes FOR those sceptics BUT that is going to be my next real question for my lung doctor.

Needless to say would be interested to hear from any asbestos or lung fibrosis suffer been told they have stomach hypersensitivity lung fibrosis

Cheers thanks :)

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Write down what you need to ask JAS and good luck at your next appointment with lung doctor. Hope you get some answers. Xxxx

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Your just like me Daz, always feel suspicious if the Docter seems to be too vague with their answers to my question's. I know mine is caused by anxiety. I'm doing pretty good for a sick person haha.

I hope you get the answers you want from the lung consultant. xx

casper99 your "what" is caused by anxiety ??? my anxiety getting worse by the day

My suspicion when I don't get a straight answer to a question. I go away and start stressing for days. I've had anxiety and depression for over 30 years.

If I can find something to stress about - I will and that's in all aspects of my life, not just my health. I'm just a born worrier.

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Oh Jeff ! Don't wish Pulmonary Fibrosis on yourself. It might prove a point for you but even if it was diagnosed, a 100 to 1, the powers that be would rule asbestos out as the cause. I've never heard of Pulmonary Fibrosis affecting the stomach but my knowledge of it isn't too extensive. What probably causes stomach issues for most of us is stomach irritation from all the meds we're taking.

Are you taking Nexium/ Omeprazole every day to protect your stomach ! I hope so.

As far as I know Jeff, pulmonary fibrosis is easy enough to see on x-rays once it's established in the lungs. It covers and stiffens the longs with scar tissue. I don't have Pulmonary Fibrosis as a diagnosis but my Bronchiectasis has been so severe that my right lung is now completely covered with scar tissue/ fibrosis and doesn't function as a lung anymore. This on the x-ray shows up ( in my case) as only having one lung. It's pretty scary thing to see, one lung and then nothing but a huge expanse of white where the other one should be.

I really hope that you don't get this diagnosis but keep on your research and doctor visits until you get a correct diagnosis. Good luck !

Oh BJ, I am so sorry that you have only one working lung - are you a candidate for a lung transplant? It sounds like you should be at the top of the list.

Unfortunately not Bettz. Too old I suppose although in September 2014, my consultant told me that 'down the line' we could consider a transplant. Then two months later, I was diagnosed with a minor angina and after that, I was told I wasn't eligible. C'est la vie ! So I'll have to take my chances. Despite the fact of only one lung functioning, I'm getting on reasonably well. I need antibiotics almost every months but that's always been the way. I get a bit sob - sometimes severe when I have exacerbations - but mostly quite manageable. To be honest I don't seem to be too much worse, then others with similar illness who've got two lungs. So we won't write me off, just yet :) thank you for caring and for your kind words Bettz, they are very much appreciated.


I am glad that you are doing well with your condition - we can only be thankful for the good times we have and try to avoid things that set us off - and you aren't the only one - I'm too old for a lot of things!

Thanks Bettz ! To be honest, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to undergo the process anyhow. While we can enjoy life, getting old isn't too bad.

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I'm still doing everything I used to do - but taking longer to recover from it.

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