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another powerfull tool against ashma and copd is acupuncre I had course about 2 years ago how I knew it worked was about 30 years ago I use to wake up about 4 in early morning with a tite chest I had ashma for about 2 years then the acuphuncherist told me the reason I wake up at that time was the muscles in my lungs constrict at them times as your body makes a lot of electricity then as soon as I had the first treatmeant I never woke up after that only when it was time to get up it is expensive as you need about 8 treatmeanths say one a week but am sure you can get it free on nhs but I paid 2 years ago to top it up as my breathing was a bit tite then please excuse my spellings as I never was a good speller

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Brilliant! Good to hear this has worked for you xx


It is breathing we need to be good at, not spelling. :)

I am pleased something helped you.


What a lovely reply Toci.


Hi guytane, I tried acupuncture for my asthma....but there was little improvement in my breathing sadly, but it did cure my painful shoulder.

I had to pay, but two of my friends had acupuncture on the NHS for back and shoulder pain. This was a couple of years ago though so I don't know if it's still available.

So glad it helped you.

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I had it while I was very tight and it was as if I had a weight taken off my chest. But cost is the killer and trying to get alternatives off my surgery is like asking for a head transplant.

My biggest issue is my warfarin does make the tiny holes leak a little, even though they keep saying it should not ;)


I paid 30 pound a session but am sure you can get it free I had 8 sessions and it lasts for years it tunes your body and connects vital nerve endings that have stopped working


Glad it worked so well for you. Have been wanting to try it for a while so maybe its time to get my feet wet.


Good for you Guytane I'm glad you found such a help for your Asthma. Acupuncture has been used for hundreds of years and I'm sure it will be used for hundreds more!๐Ÿ˜ don't worry about spelling you are doing a good job! huff xxx


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