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wake up call

if you have recently been diagnosed copd its a wake up call to change your life style when I dident know I had it I use sit with people who smoked breath in car fumes etc I turned my life around by making a change exercise when you can lots bottled water fruit read my breath easy post and how you can stop reverse copd ashma how I have got rid of flem from my lungs and we know that your lungs produce a lot of phlem when you have copd feeling great I waked up ten floors in apparthmeant blok other day and guess wot it was my legs that got tired not my lungs also when you get diagnosed with copd your mind plays tricks with your body and it littraly made my lungs tite so you need positive thinking and say to your self am gunna beat this mind is a powerfull tool b ,leive me

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It certainly is a powerful tool I believe you!😁 stay as well as can be! Look after your pma!😁🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


I agree always stay positive, I keep telling people that I won't let it beat me. You take care and well done xx


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