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i am 60 a very young 60 i have been doing a breathing exercise i read of i have had copd nearly 5 years it was mild they said it was going to get worse in fact it has got better i blow 600 on ashma calculater i could only blow 400 to 450 5 years ago the breathing exercise oxeginisers your lungs opening your lungs to full capacity also when you brush your teeth brush your tounge on top with toot paste you have bad bacteria on your toung and it gets in to your lungs the breathing exercise is breath in slowy till you cant breath in any more hold your breath for as long as you can then breath out with purse lips then wen you got no more out breath hold for as long as you can then breath in slowly till you cant breath in any more hold for as long as you can then breath out pursed lips slowly repeat for at least 5 mins i hold my breath for about 10 seconds and 10 seconds on the out breath but depends how good your lungs r less is ok ie 5 seconds but as you continue you will b able to hold for longer mening your lungs r healing it cost nothing as air is free i don't even use a ventolin any more i had a tite chest 5 years ago now i don't also processed meat only once a week plenty of water go easy on the sugar lots fruit as water clenses the lungs

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  • Thanks guytane,

    I will have a go. Mind you, I have severe COPD and an FEV1 of just 15% so I will need to practice. I already do pursed lip breathing to expel the excess CO2. Always grateful for any advice.

    Take care


  • just try a few seconds if you can better than nowt acupunchre is also good for copd and ashma but its expensive

  • Hi Guy, it"s brilliant that you have improved. It"s so nice to read positive posts like yours.

    I will be doing your breathing exercise, I'm not physically well enough to do anything too strenuous regularly. Thanks for posting it. xx

  • yes when you get diagnosed with an illness people give up hope I was packing my job in 5 years ago now am top of the world with lots work thinking my life was doomed to a wheelchair let me know how you get on with my breatning exercise gv it 2 weeks see how you feel take results b for and after

  • can you make a chart give it 2 weeks b for and after c wot you can blow now and then in 2 weeks positive thinking to mind over matter go and heal your lungs casper

  • Do you mean using a peak flow Meter guytane or with a stop watch?

  • yes blow in to peak flow meter to see wot your lungs can blow I could only do 400 4 years ago now it can top between 600 and 650 b for you start breathing exercise then give it 2 weeks if you can blow more on peak flow meter after 2 weeks it means your lungs r opening up and getting stronger it also detoxes your lungs go to u tube john berger on copd and ashma watch his vids on how you can heal your lungs

  • Hello Guytane, gosh bet theres lots of us on here wish we could blow 600 or even 400, with inhalers I average 350 was only 250 when I first started using inhalers. But thanks for your suggestions for improving lung capacity, much appreciated.

  • you can do it no negative thoughts think repair your lungs

  • actuly i blew 700 2 day you go and heal your lungs with my breathing exercise pharmesutible companys don't want you to get better they profit from peoples illness

  • Oh so true.

  • Mine is only 100-150! So, will give this exercise a go. I don't think that I have anything to lose.

  • b leive me 5 years ago I had permeneath titeness in my chest even inhalers couldent shift it now thers no titeness wotsoever

  • I blew 230 this morning witch is good for me. I have recently started pulmanory rehab classes. For the 3rd time. X

  • Thank you Guy it's good to read such a positive post, you have a very good attitude and you are very encouraging, keep drinking good water and exercising.Coconut oil is very good for you as well and turmeric.😊🌸

  • What are you blowing into to get these figures? I'm going to start these breathing exercises tonight but it would be good if I could track my breathing. :)

  • yes track your breathing from when you start give it 2 to 3 weeks i found i could take deeper breaths after time with these exersies

  • peak flow meter for readings roxade

  • go easy on processed meat as it has chemicails in it i do about once a wk i do like a bacon butty or sausage but then i detox with fruit every day

  • peak flow meter . I got diagnosed with mild copd 4 half years ago had ashma to since I was 23 the doctors said my copd will get worse with time well 4 half years ago I was blowing 400 to 450 I have had it up to 650 plus on peak flow

  • This is excellent news!!!!!!! Can I buy a..... peak flow meter at a Chemist (pharmacy)? Never heard of it, but I want one. lol Typical chick.

  • Hi Roxade this will explain what a peak flow meter is you can buy one or ask for one at your GP or respritary clinic x

  • if you don't pay for you prescription their free or u doc giv u a prescription for one roxade

  • Here's my breathing exercise, Guy. I fill my lungs with as much air as I can. Then count as high as I can while exhaling, untilll I absolutely have to take a breath. Started out getting to 30, Now get to 50. Also blowing up balloons. 🌹Ruby🌹

  • also I sing and play guitar b for breathing exercise now I sing with out thinking about breathing and I can get all the tunes out with out trying to get my breath

  • I can open my lungs so much now its unbeleivible I hardy ever get tite chest jogged up 9 floors in apartmeanth legs got tired lungs were great

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