In a bad way

Hya guys my dad has been re-admitted after my brother in law found his hunged over. When the ambulance arrived his o2 was 19. That was yesterday dinner time. Tea time he was moved from resus to the ward but remained asleep and would not responed to us. His co2 was 13 which is extremely high and nearly cost him his life. After being on the Niv mask since admission he would normally have made a significant response but seeing him today has left me fearing the worst. He's so confused, he can't tell us what he wants to and he's upset that he's not remembering things. He was in hospital 2 weeks ago and they swabbed him for mrsa but it was only yesterday they told us his result was positive in his nose and throat so he's been re-swabbed were awaiting the results. The nurse has told us his heart has now been affected they haven't done test but she said it's obvious. Every time he's gone in to hospital he's come out. I'm frightened this time we might not be as lucky.

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My heart goes out to you. What a worrying time. I will pray for your dad. xxx

Sending hugs to you Melissa and prayers for your dear dad. Xxx

Oh Melissa I feel for you and your dad. It's frightening watching your loved ones when they are so poorly

you feel so helpless, all you can do is be there for him as much as you can

Take Care


Bless you, it's so scary watching someone you care for suffer. Stay strong love and come and have a chat whenever you feel like it xx

He is your Dad, and of course you are frightened. All you can do is let the hospital staff deal with the mrsa and be close by if they let you in case he gets panicky. Oh you poor thing. Wishing I could so something for you all.


Thoughts and prayers for both you and your Father at this difficult time, Melissa87.

What a worrying time for you all, stay strong, hugs and prayers sent your way.

Sending prayers Melissa and big hugs x

Don't know how but my dads being discharged tomorrow. I haven't a clue how his body has been able to withstand so much and he is still here. Thank you for all your comments and prayers xx

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