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Hi,just had my first attack of gout in right big toe ,started Saturday afternoon through to Monday afternoon,settled down now. Went to doctors on Monday morning & he gave me some colchicine tabs,but as the pain had subsided I have not taken any as he said I may well get diarrhoea,I feel I am on enough pills at the moment.Heart,BP & blood thinner.

Any hints? Will I get more attacks,as they are very painful.

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I haven't had this problem but know from family members it can be very painful. We do have members who have it so hopefully one of them will be along soon to help.

Hi there, sorry but apparently the treatment you were given is bog standard in most areas. I am in the same boat as you. Apparently water tablets for the heart can cause it, plus being overweight, plus hereditary, dehydration, poor kidney function and high levels of untreated uric acid in the blood. Max uric acid levels for men is 7.6. Eating too many foods high in purines can bring on an attack, on line there are several websites with info just type in gout on your search engine, gout can occur in many joints not just the big toe, thats just the most common joint, and more men than women get it. NICE have no minimum guidelines for treatment of this Arthritis. I was treated two months ago for a toe flare but it is still painful to walk on and the joint is not normal in shape, but it's been treated as far as the Gp is concerned till the next flare up no ongoing treatment to keep uric acid levels down, its just treated like a common cold when infact it is a dangerous illness that can effect numerous organs in the body, but most people just treat it as a joke illness. The drug you were given can cause diahorea, alcohol can cause attacks of gout too. Hope this helps

Thanks for your replykatieooxo60,I am getting some good replies on this subject & just hope that my attack is a one off.I am having a lot of trouble lately due to food adatives,gradually knocking of all fruit drinks & cordials,maybe one of these has caused it.

That is possible Bootyasddict, as too many fruit drinks can cause an attack of gout, as the gout diet pages will tell you and your existing high blood pressure is another risk factor, so too is over exercise as it raises uric acid levels in the blood.

Hi Katieoxo66,had my BP taken today & the nurse said it was OK, I have had a lot of jellies latlely made with evaporated milk,love the stuff but with my reactions to the orange juice & cordials it may well have been that lot.I believe there is a Mold preventative in jellies & it all seems to tie up,I have had blockages in my ear ,unbalanced,extremely fatigued have stopped all the drinks &jellies to just having cold water.

Hope it all clears,some times I have just felt as I have had a few drinks,but I am tea total.Had spaggette & bolanase sauce last night & ears were bad today,had serf-16 tablet this morning & all seems OK now.

Hi Bootyasddict, sounds like it might be some of the food or drink. I don't drink but do like a fruit juice when in a bar, can't drink fizzy pop, funny you say it feels like you have been drinking, I find some pills do that. Glad your BP is OK. Some of the packet sauces have lots of additives & ready meals do too which can cause reactions, do you make your own bolonaise?, I used to years ago but not anymore. Oh and you like old fashioned milk Jelly too, a lady we shop for likes evaporated milk but the cans are heavy to carry. Good luck with managing your gout and other problems, not fun is it ??

Hi my dad suffered with gout due to water tablets. When it was flaring up he would use a ice pack every couple of hours. Also every day he would eat black berry frui - blueberries, black berries, black grapes etc.

This isn't a cure but it can help relieve the symptoms.

Thanks MaggieB66,I do have blue berries every day& used ice pack this time,just hope it is a one off as all is OK now.

Cherries are really good, or just the juice.


Hi Bootyasddict,

I have suffered with gout for many years. I have it under control these days with diet and simple medication.

I take 1 X 300mg of Allopurinol per day. No conflicts with my other meds.

Colchicine 0.6mg tablets are what I use when I get a hit. I usually take them for 3 or 4 days to make sure the crystals have gone. Colchicine is as far as I know the only effective drug for gout.

I have my own Uric Acid test meter so that I can keep my eye on my levels.

I purchased my meter from;


It is a good site with lots of positive help.

Hope this is of some help as I do understand the pain of gout.

Cheers Dave from the LoS.

Thanks Dave,I will wait to see if I get another attack as all is well for now,but I am stopping strawberries.

in reply to yorkie70

HI Yorkie 70, I use a meter which does not correspond with the doctors results, so there is conflict about prescribing drugs. A blood test was done while I was taking Naproxen so uric acid levels were only slightly raised. It seems not all doctors follow the average protocol for gout treatment, glad you appear to be getting the normal treatment. Hope Bootyasddict does too.

Bootyasddict , been there, done that got the T Shirt. Bloody painful. Had in Toe, Ankle, knee. Had about three attacks a year. Told to take some anti inflammatory drugs which bought over the pharmacy counter. Was told to cut out purines. Avoid, Liver, Strawberries, Sardines - just to name a few. Hah, all the foods I loved. Didn't help.

Next, was prescribed Diclofenic - It worked. Took the tablets for two days almost back to normal. On each flare-up immediately took the tablets - worked like a charm. My GP then suggested I take some medications as a preventative. This didn't suit my personal ethos about long term medications. On my last bout I was told by a GP that they don't prescribe Diclofenic anymore as it has side effects that affect the heart. (later learned that if you take it only for long periods, which in my case was only two days - in truth shouldn't apply to me.) However, as a good patient I followed the GP advice and took prescribed Naxproxen 500mg instead.

The foods I was told not to eat had other properties which would benefit my health - sooooo.... I decided to experiment. Stared eating whatever I considered good for the immune system. My New health regime - drank at least two litres of water a day, drank ginger and green tea daily and used stacks of turmeric in my food. I have survived gout attacks for sometime now. Maybe its mind over matter. Nevertheless, I'm a happy chappie now. Still, not sure if it works for all and sundry. Take professional advice!!

C'est la vie!

Thanks for your comments,"strawberries" you say,my wife gives me them every night,I like them but not every night,she says shut up they are good for you.I will kick them into touch.

hi i have suffered from gout for years, haven`t had a flare up for a few years now , thanks to taking allopurinol tablets , they keep the uric acid under control: colchocine are good for the first days of a flare up, but not meant to be taken long term i sympatyhse with you , i know the agony you are feeling.

Hi thanks for you comments,I did not take the tablets as by time I went to doctors the pain had started to go.lasted from Saturday through to Monday & gone now.yust hope it does not come back,I have bad reactions to some tablets.

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