Feeling really down and confused

Have been on so many pumps in last 2 years and not one of them seem to work I've had 2 chest xrays in last 2 years which were clear I do suffer from.anxiety.also but been told I have.copd as Iam a smoker not been told what stage Iam on its really getting me down now! Been crying alt as if I knew wot stage of copd I was in and if I got it I could deal wiv it better

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Hi Don, whatever stage you are at the first and most important thing you can do is to stop smoking. Anyone who continues to smoke will see a more rapid decline in lung function. Get you GP, family and friends on side to offer help and support and kick that tobacco habit OUT. Good luck.

Thank-you for your reply Iam going to give up smoking! As I know it doesn't help but wiv wots going on in my life at mo it's making it hard x

Hi luckydon you seem to be causing yourself a lot of needless worry which will be aggravated by you having anxiety. In turn this is most probably making you feel down (depressed) and if your illness hasn't been explained properly to you then this will leave you confused.

When you say that you have COPD and had 2 X-rays that were clear, the X-rays were to see if you had an infection. If they came back clear, that tells you that you haven't got an infection in your lungs. That's a good thing.

COPD is a progressive disease but can be controlled and slowed down a lot with good treatment and medication. One of the best things you can do to help yourself is to give up smoking. I know that isn't an easy thing to do, I've been there and it took a lot of effort for me to give up but the rewards are well worth it. If you decide to have go to stop smoking there is a lot of help and support available if you ask for it.

Don't worry about what stage COPD you are, that is just a number. Concentrate about what your Doctor, Consultant and yourself can do to improve your condition not on anything negative. If you have a good positive attitude you will feel a lot better in yourself.

Don't forget, this is the best forum for seeking help and support or for just having a bit of a chit chat to cheer yourself up.

Have a word with yourself, kick yourself up the bum and start thinking positively.

Regards. John

Hi pastme.best thank-you for your reply! Iam not under any.consultant.I got given a blue.reliever 2 years ago didn't.get told why since then I've also been given 2 pumps which have made me feel worse I've ended in hospital numerous time I think it has all got a bit to much for me x

Hi luckydon if you have COPD I am surprised that you don't have a Pulmonary Consultant. I don't think that any GP (General Practitioner = Jack of all Trades) should be treating patients who have COPD without proper guidance from the experts. GPs can only do so much.

I would be inclined to ask your Doctor if you could be referred to a Pulmonary Consultant considering you have already been told you have COPD. You should then get the treatment you deserve such as Lung Function Tests, CT Scans and any other appropriate treatment.

You also seem to having lots of problems with your inhalers. Hopefully with better treatment this can be sorted out for you.

Don't settle for second best.

Regards. John

Thank-you John Iam.going to see nurse to get to the bottom.of this as its making me I'll x

I don't have consultant never have my doctors don't seem to do anything but have told me if I want to see chest specialist they would arrange it is it actually down to me to request things

Hi past me best, I took your advice and kicked myself into the front garden to do some weeding.....resulting in a few less weeds and conversations with three neighbours and a wave from a few more.

Cheered me up no end after spending the last few days moaning and groaning inside the house.

Thanks for the words of wisdom

Hi knitter your reply has made my day.

Your comments touched me and I started writing a reply which was getting longer and longer so I have decided to turn it into a post.

Our car failed the dreaded MOT today so at the moment I am in the process of sorting that out. As soon as time permits though I'll post it on the forum.

It is good to know that something I wrote cheered you up and helped you to have a better day.

That brought a smile to my face. 😊

Stay positive and enjoy each and every day.

Regards. John

So sorry your feeling down, but you've come to the right place for support.

Maybe your GP can help with your depression quite a few people have medication to help them. It is a frustrating illness but you can learn to live with it a get your condition stable. I would suggest ringing the BLF helpline they are brilliant, and maybe can put you on the right track. But if you just want to let off steam we're always here to listen

Good luck

Kim xx

Hi kimmy Iam.on.medication.for my depression been on them for 25 years but it has not helped wiv this copd and all the pumps I've been put on its all been very confusing and some of the pumps have made me feel worse thanxs.for yr message x

Maybe its time for a change of Anti- depression, and sometimes it takes a while to get your medication right for your COPD, I would go back to your GP and ask to see a Consultant, them hopefully you'll be put in touch with Community Respiratory nurses and put on a Pulmonary Rehab course, they will help you sort out your medication.

Kim xx

I've made.an.appointment.to see nurse.in 2 weeks.times to get this sorted thanxs.for replying x

Hi luckydon have you been on a pulmonary rehab course. They are very helpful in educating about COPD. Do you see a consultant at the resp clinic. If your inhalers are not helping. I would ask for a referral. My COPD was well managed until a few years ago when non of my inhalers or antibiotics and steroids would help me. I found out I had a low immune system. Witch is funny because I have recently been dx with psoriatic arthritis and that is caused by an overactive immune system.

No I haven't just got pumps nothing explained to me and the doctors gave me the pumps only the nurse once

Sorry that didn't make.sense I've only seen the nurse once! But was given the pumps by the doctors

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