Cannot begin to thankyou for your insight, generosity and simple kindness

Overwhelmed by your optimism, commonsense and quiet determination to carry on - regardless.

Informed by your knowledge and experience.

Very much looking forward to responding to each of you, as work permits this week.

Yet to make a full 24 hrs without a cigarette.... but I will.

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  • Yeah we are a great site! There is a quit smoking group on here if that would help you. x

  • There is always someone here for you to share in the ups and downs. I stopped smoking so many times before I finally quit about 1.5 years ago. So perhaps one less cig a day will get you there along with a good mindset to do without any form of smoking. You can do it!! :)

  • New here but can't help commenting on the fact you still smoke with a lung disease!

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  • Hitchens has just joined and only just got a diagnosis so he is trying hard to stop. I'm sure he'll succeed especially with all the encouragement from all you guys xx

  • /\ Ditto /\

  • It just takes us in different ways. Hitchens is doing well. And our business is support and encouragement. We have no idea what battles others are facing.

    Breaking addiction is very, very hard.

    K xx

  • e cig. Then you're not giving up, you're just smoking something different. Works for me :)

    And stubborn works every time lol! Just contemplating walking over the Humber Bridge, don't know if I'll make it but it's got to be worth a go :)

  • It's high!

  • It is and that's what's worrying me but if I don't try, I'll never know if I could do it. I'm going to practice more hills and I can take as many rests as I need. I must admit that even the thought of doing it scares me but challenges are good for the soul (I think) lol!

  • Good for you diesel...that is quite a climb. I wish you well.


  • Good morning Hitchens,

    As you know, many of us are where we are because we smoked - I had a passionate on off love affair with cigarettes for 50 years, then a nurse put me on to Zyban - and it it simply worked. However you do it you will get full support from us all on here. Keep at it and get your life back.


  • Good luck to you Hitchens. Xxx

  • It's ten years since I stopped smoking. On average I smoked 15 a day, when I stopped I was £25 a week better off, if I was stopping now I'd be saving over £40 a week - that's over £2000 a year! Even without the health benefits that's well worth saving but with them, well - it's a very healthy bonus! Wishing you well - good luck!

  • There is absolutely NO smoke with an e-cig - just a vapour containing just 3 ingredients - OK, nicotine is one of them, but that's what you get with gums and patches too. As someone who has used them for going on 7 years I can tell you that all the effects I have found have been beneficial and my meds were down by 80%; been through stressful cancer procedure so anxiety has made me "up" them a little, but not for long.

    I reckon I've saved around £ 18,000 too, which is nice!

  • 4 ingredients PG, VG, flavours and nic. 3 if zero nic.

    My proper mod and tank setup I got about 10 days ago is the business, loving it. On 3% nicotine already and ZERO withdrawl symptons.

    I so wish I'd tried the realway to use e-cigs years ago. I hated the cheap petrol station things I tried and stuck with the 4.75 a day rolling baccy.

    I've saved half the cost already :-)

  • I know of some vapers who don't use flavours - I'm not one of them - but that makes us both correct! The e-cig was primitive when I switched but I knew smoking was no longer an option and even then it was painless; so pleased you've found tanks - definitely the answer for me too. I now find vaping far more pleasurable than smoking ever was.

  • Don't beat your self up over the smoking take it one day at a time. I gave up with the help of champix over 10 years ago I used to smoke 20 a day plus

  • GO go go go!!!! You can do it!!!

    If I can you can believe me!

  • I wish you all the best.

  • Always believe that you can give up and you will ,Iwas diagnosed with copd after going to the doctor with a chest infection 2nd Jan 2015 I had been smoking for many years and he looked me in eye and said you absolutely must give up smoking I shall always remember the look on his face that was 10am I had my last smoke at 11.30am and nothing since I am very proud of that 18 months

    Go for it


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