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Urgent appointment

Hello all,

I've been absent for a while , moved into my lovely bungalow in March and I have been enjoying my garden.

I still have the chest infection since 9 months ago despite several courses of antibiotics and steroids.

Have had lots of chest X-rays a ct scan and ultrasound.

The ultrasound and latest XRay was on Thursday, they said the results would be back to my doctor in a week so I was very surprised and shocked when my doctor called me the next day to say she's got them back and I need to have an urgent appointment at the hospital with respiratory specialist, and that I may need to have a lung biopsy.

Today I had to have a blood test to see how my blood clots for if I need the biopsy.

I feel numb/scared/ like it's happening to someone else not me.

My Doctor is really lovely and told me that If I want to chat with her about it SHES in everyday this week if I want to call her.

I don't know how I should be feeling or if I should be feeling anything. I guess I'm just feeling shocked 😕

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I can understand why you're feeling shocked Veganista, but it's good that they are now going further into why you've still got the chest infection hanging around, and you obviously have a lovely doctor who cares about how you're feeling.

I'm not much help I'm afraid as I don't know anything about lung biopsies - I just wanted to lend some support and let you know someone's listening. I'm sure someone more clued up will be along soon.

I hope you've been able to push this to the back of your mind and spend some time relaxing in your lovely garden today.

Do let us know how the blood test went - come back and chat anytime - we're all here for you too. Jan :-)


Dear veganista do call your doctor for a chat as she may be able to alleviate some of your fears.

Sending hugs to you and hope things improve. Xxxx


I understand your feeling of shock! I went to the doctor who told me I was anaemic (following blood tests) and that he was organising a colonoscopy and and endoscopy under the 'two week rule'. Wow! I thought he was just going to give me pills to boost my iron levels. I walked up to the car in a daze - then I went int CoOp and bought chocolate, biscuits and more chocolate. Then I went back to the car and home where I proceeded to tell my husband who, in my opinion, was not sufficiently shocked so I took to 't'internet to find something to back up the reasons why I was so shocked and to enlighten him.

Well I found far more than I bargained for and spent an agonising few weeks worrying my socks off.

The outcome? Nothing we didn't already know about - so he gave me the pills!!!

The moral of this story? Everyone tells you not to worry but that's impossible - but a 'call back' doesn't always mean something bad is going to be the outcome.

Please accept my 'virtual' support here. You must be worried and confused. Sure, phone your doctor and spill the beans. She may be able to reassure you or not, but you know they always say, 'A trouble shared is a trouble halved'. Well, it worked for me - my trouble was shared so much I must have been down to thousandths not halves and all those I shared it with said, 'Don't worry - put it to the back of your mind.' so I muttered and blustered - and then felt a lot better!

I wish you well and hope there is nothing for you to be concerned about. Find something you enjoy and DO it! You must have some plant needing your attention - or just sit in your garden and enjoy.

Keep us posted.

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Thankyou all for your kind words of support.

I called my doctor yesterday just to talk it over.

The hospital appointment has come through its tomorrow morning. My doctor said if I want to call her tomorrow afternoon about it I can. Gosh I can't believe how lovely she is.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply and your support, I hope I'll have some good news to report back ️xxx


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