Funeral - Final Farewell

Funeral - Final Farewell

Just to keep you updated - we held the funeral for my wonderful husband last Friday. It could not have been a better funeral. As the cars set off we passed the childrens primary school and over 12 members of staff were stood to pay their respects, we travelled past our workplace and onto the crematorium. There were so many people I thought that we had got entangled with another funeral - over 160 attended. The staff had to set up screens in the ante-rooms! How amazing. There were so many people that I couldn't greet them all - in fact it all got a little stressed as the next funeral was about to leave and the line was not decreasing! Colin loved the programme Heartbeat so we went into chapel with the theme tune playing and a smile. Our children were truly amazing - they stood up together and each paid their own personal tribute to Colin (no mean feat at ages 22, 20 and 15). In fact there was a spontaneous round of applause in the chapel. It was a long day and I am very sad today. But so grateful I was able to give him the send off he so deserved. AND I have just had a phone call from the funeral directors - we asked for donations to the BLF and have raised £706 on the day.

Lots of love to you all Tracey xxx

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Bless u Tracey, so glad he got the send off he deserved, we're all still here for u when u need us ❤️ Xx Sonia xx

Tracey sounded like you gave Colin a Great send off, a one which I think he would have been amazed at. I hope you are getting through this traumatic time ok and have plenty of support around you?

Take care and my thoughts are with you

Owen X

Hi Tracey my what a handsome man. Colin was obviously much loved and there is no better tribute than that is there. Am thinking of you and all your family love and sending you big hugs. Always here for you my friend. Bev xx

Hello Tracy you gave him a good send off

You take care

Dorothy xx

Hi Tad,reading this has brought a tear to my eye. It doesn't surprise me that you organised everything just as he'd have liked it and I hope that it will be some small comfort to you in your grief. It's also nice to know how well Colin was thought of and what a huge number of people came to pay their respects to him and you. I know you will be keeping strong for the children but I hope that you will allow others to support you too. Thinking of you and sending love and virtual support.

Such a hard day for you and your family, a little softened by the number of people coming to share your last goodbyes to Colin. What a lovely man he must have been to be so well thought of Tracey. I remember the heartache too and wish I could make it better for you. Thankyou for posting the lovely photograph.


Hi Tracey, What a wonderful send off for dear Colin. He must have been so loved, by so many. I wish you strength in the coming days, to cope with your loss. You're a dear lady, and most loved by all of us. Please know that we're all here for you. Thats a lovely photo of your most handsome husband. Hugs, Rubyxx

What a wonderful send off for your dear husband. He would have approved l'm sure. Such a time of mixed emotions for you all.

How amazing to raise such a nice sum of money for BLF too.

Sending love and hugs to you Tracey and your children too. Xxxxx

Hello Tracey. Colin sounds like a very well loved man. I am sure he was happy and proud to see you all and so many people come to pay their respects. What a wonderful thing you've done in his memory by raising money for the BLF. Sending you love and peace.

Cas xx 🌷

Of course you will be sad now Tracey. Apart from the shock and emotional trauma of Colin's death, you must have worked so hard to give him the perfect send-off - you're probably exhausted. Maybe he was watching you all. He sounds such a wonderful person and it will be hard to come to terms with such a dreadful loss but stay strong and try to remember the good times amidst the tears. One day at a time - and don't be a stranger here. Sending love, xxx jean

ps how brilliant to raise all that money.

You have been so busy planning the funeral; sounds like a lovely tribute to Colin. I guess today & some time to come will feel sad & flat after all your efforts. Well done on raising such a large amount for BLF. x

It sounds like he had the perfect send off Tadaw, you've always done everything so well for him so, it's no surprise.

It must have been so touching to see the school teacher's lined up, a lovely mark of respect. He was clearly well loved by many people.

These next few weeks will feel surreal to you Tadaw, now that the funeral is over. I wish you and your family the strength to take comfort in the thought that Colin is no longer suffering.

Well done on the donation to BLF, Tadaw, that's a smashing amount to have raised. xx

How wonderful that it all went so well, you certainly did your husband proud Tracey. I admire you so much for everything that you did for him when he was alive. He was a very lucky man to have you as his wife, and the number of people at the funeral gave testament to how much he was loved by everyone. I am just so pleased it all went off so well. I do hope you will still come into HU sometimes, you have been a great source of comfort for so many people .

Lots of love to you Sohara

A wonderful send off for your Colin Tracey. May your memories be full of the good times. Take care now and God bless.


Hello Tracey, my love and sympathy goes out to you 💜 all of your family and friends have helped to make the day go as well as such a sad day could go. To top it all you've raised funds for a cause so close to our hearts. Colin was so Blessed to have had such a wonderful Wife in you who looked after him with such tender loving care. I'm so grateful to know you have your Sons with you, love huff xxx

Thank you Tracey for taking time to send details of your late husbands funeral, plus the fact you raised all that money for BLF you are marvellous. Take time now for yourself to greive. Hope to see you here again soon,take care xx

My thoughts are with you Tracey. Pleased all went well. Now it's time to draw breath and try not to feel too sad. Take care, Love Lizzy x

So sorry to hear that Tracey. What a lovely send off for him, he must have been well loved and much respected. Thinking of you, sending love and warmest wishes. Take care, Christine. XXX

Hi Tracey, thank you for telling us about your dear husband's funeral last Friday, it must have been the hardest day to get through......

.. Please stay with our group, many a time your wise words helped create calm & reason.

But whatever, I send you the very best of wishes for the future for you and the family..


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