What a day!!!☺

COPD sufferer. 😆Saturday:grand-daughters belated birthday outing.

Breakfast:an hour of continuous catch up about her holiday.😊

To the beach:2 hours of chasing her and her chasing me.😄Amazed I survived .... not even a cough.

Lunch:just talking and enjoying each others company....darling wife keeping an eye on me.A little worried about me.

After lunch:Movies...The

Secret Lives of Pets,not my first choice but we laughed most of the way through it.

Grand-daughter is 9 by the way...All energy...where do they get it from?

Some shopping afterwards to buy her a nice gift...By now I've forgotton I've got COPD and Sciatica...realised I haven't taken my medication😀😄

She doesn't want anything...says she's happy to be out with us.A 9 year old happy to be out with 2 old grandparents...I don't know what her parents are doing but they're doing all right.

A small dinner...Still talking...then home to her house...said bye got a huge hug and was told thank you Papa for a smashing day,don't know what she said to my wife but we both left elated.

Realised just cos I'm getting on a bit and on all sorts of medication...All you need is love.

Silly but true.😊

Just a comment on my special day..


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  • So True All You Need is Love and such special days with family


  • KK , that was an epic day filled with love and delight in the company of your daring grand-daughter. Love is certainly a potent medicine and it would be wonderful if it was all we needed. But I think we'll have to settle for love and drugs :) Not the mind altering variety unfortunately, just the ones that keep us functioning and around to enjoy our little GK's company. And I do find as well, that a day with my little grandson, seems to release so many endorphins and adrenaline, that I feel strong and capable and completely elated.

  • So glad you had such an amazing day. You know it's a really good day, when you forget all about your aches and pains. May you have many more.😊😊😊 Rubyxx 😊

  • What a wonderful day had by all K-Kilcoyne and such a lot of fun. Your granddaughter sounds like a lovely young lady and has a great effect on both of you. Xxxxxx

  • Days like this stick in your memory. She sounds delightful KK.


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