Happy Sunday everyone

I saw a consultant at the hospital a few weeks back who said my breathlessness was down to a groeter pushing on the wind pipe. He said it would mean surgery he arranged for a neck scan which I had yesterday and was told there is nothing there and I must make another appointment to see consultant ,so hear I am still exhausted ,coughing and wheezing a year on and none the wiser ,chest X-ray was clear and bloods tested nothing wrong there . From Enid x

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  • I'm afraid none of that surprises me, Enid. I have become very sceptical about test results, interpretations of scans. More and more I believe that patients MUST be listened to, believed, and their opinions should be sought, respected and taken seriously. I have been right on diagnosis all the way through the last six and a half years. Once my GP asked me what I thought about a set of test results. I told him. He poo-pooed my response. But who in the end was right? Me. And he was wrong.


    All the bes, hang in there and tell us how it goes,

    Kate xxxx

  • Thanks Kate ,x

  • Good luck to you Enid and do make your consultant listen to your symptoms and get things moving to alleviate them.

    Wishing you well. Xxxxx

  • I thought he had but obviously he got it wrong , at least he tried ,thanks Sassy x

  • I guess you have had your sputum tested for any bugs that might be there?

    Have you had an ECG at all, the blood test didn't show any signs of anaemia?

    There are many reasons for breathlessness.....if you are in the UK, the BLF have a helpline which is open during the working week....they can offer advice .

  • I've had an ECG that was fine but not had my sputum tested, I will try thenBLF helpline , thanks xx

  • Surprised you hadn't had your sputum tested. What blood tests were done? Makes me wonder about the type of blood tests done if he didn't do a sputum test.

  • I've no idea what bloods were tested for was just told they were all fine , perhaps I should be a bit more pushy and not just accept what they say from now on. X

  • Yes Enid. You can't always rely on the correct things being done. Always ask your consultant for copies of all his letters to your GP. I have had letters go astray or be filed without being auctioned -one of which asked for a change of inhaler. Also some tests can only be ordered by a consultant and not a GP including some blood tests. So always best to keep on top of things. GOOD LUCK.

  • Thanks free fall I will remember that x

  • Never be afraid of being pushy when it comes to your health. We need to be in the best of health we can.

  • Hi Enid, good news about your ECG, it's just that my friend and neighbour was getting increasingly more breathless.....tried new better. Turned out she had a damaged heart valve, and had never been given an ECG in all those years of coughing and wheezing.

  • Good morning Enid,

    Well that was a waste of your time wasn't it. I don't suppose you have changed your medication fairly recently? Of course you are exhausted - coughing and wheezing pull you right down. I just hope that when you do get your appointment you push for answers.


  • Morning Jennifer ,no every thing is the same it started a good year ago with just a little puffy and got worse over the year .xx

  • Hello again Enid - Ah a goitre Sorry I did not understand what was pressing. I would not have thought that was an easy thing to miss.


  • The consultant I saw at the hospital put his hands around my neck and said he knew the problem ,that's when he said surgery and a scan the scan showed nothing , just leaves you wondering what they come up with next , xx

  • Oh that is not good. Dear me! How long will you have to wait to see your consultant again? If I were you I would call his secretary and try and get squeezed in to the next clinic he has.

    All the best.

  • Will do that tomorrow , thank you x

  • Really lay it on about it affecting your life and exhausting you. GOOD LUCK!

  • It's so frustrating when you are really struggling and no one can find out why. I have AF, leaky valve and poor lung function due to scoliosis. All this year my breathing has been much worse. I was convinced it was heart related, but both AF consultant and valve consultant after tests and monitors etc, decided that both heart complaints were well controlled. They suggested talking to my respiratory consultant (am under Brompton for all 3). I was taken into Brompton for a few days early June and had CT, X-ray and finally lung function tests, which found my lung function had reduced considerably. I was so relieved to have a reason for the deterioration. They have changed my inhalers, but after 5 weeks no real improvement, and in fact have a feeling the new inhalers don't suit me. Have clinic on 2nd Aug, so persevering till then. But I definitely understand how frustrating it is when there is definitely something wrong, but no one can find out why. Have you seen a respiratory specialist? Keep talking to your Drs and I hope they come up with a reason soon. Jean

  • It is so frustrating just trying to get some one to take notice of what you say , I hope they get it sorted out for you soon ,take care x

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