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Had my drs appointment tuesday.wasasked what the problem was.told him i felt let down over my lack of specialist appointment.and general information healthwise. i explaind how i feltregarding copd, breathing and feeling down.he gave me an examination.found out i had a chest infection so back on abs and steriods .also ask him about pulminary rehab .filled a form insent it off.got a visit from nurse yesterday from pr assestmemt checked my sats as i was a bit breathless .sats down a bit but heatrate was all over the place .so another drs appointment booked.but start pr in august .so thanks all who answerd my post and pointed me in the right direction .


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  • Sounds as if you are getting somewhere at last Dave and about time too. So glad you spoke up. Hope things improve for you now and get well soon. Xxxxx

  • Thanks sassy59

    Yes feel better already. Think i just needed to get it off my chest (so to speak)

  • Good for you Dave, l think many of out GP's need reminding not to neglect our needs and treatments.

    Well done on taking the plunge and telling him how you feel.


  • Thanks velvet

    I certainly feel better for it . Dave

  • Hi hullrlfc . You will enjoy the PR I am on my 3rd course at the moment . Take care x

  • After 3 years trying I am now got appt for PR in mid August xx

  • Good for you Dave. Most of the time we just accept what we are told/given without question. PR is great. You will benefit by going.


  • Hi jennifer

    Im looking forward to p r

    I think its time i took control .i have just gone along with what ever was said.reading some posts pr seem the best way forward.so people keep postingyou are a god send and an insperation to all. many thanks

  • It only takes one to speak out, and you are on the next level now. Keep going Dave ...... it's for you:-)

  • Good news Dave - it just annoys me that if we don't ask or push for something we don't get it. Well done.

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