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Swollen feet

Went to doc tonight just to pick up prescription the place was totally empty receptionist said it had been quite all day so I said is there still a doc here she said yes and I see him straight away bit worried as feet swelled over last 2 days he did advise me that this could be dangerous as it sometimes means that part of the heart is shutting down after exam and and sats done he put it down to weather which is good news but did tell me to put feet up which I find hard to do as I want to be on go all the time but having severe copd I do take regular stops but only long enough for breathing to improve

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Hi Jeanjt for someone wanting to be on the go all the time, taking advice to put your feet up can be hard to take.

Putting your feet up should allow any swelling to go down which in the longer term will be better for you. You know it makes sense.

Give yourself a good talking to, once 3 times a day.

Regards. John


I have very swollen feet and ankles. If I forget to put mine up they get really big so I call them elephant feet. I have to wear shoes a size larger. I spent much of the weekend in bed and after that could see my ankles..

In my case it is due to impaired circulation, and emphysema, possibly diabetes 2 plays a part. If yours is only temporary, it is most likely the hot weather combined with COPD. Lungs and swollen ankles are linked.


Take it easy Jean especially in this hot weather. My ankles swell and so does my left foot. Keep your fluids up too and take care. Xxxxx


My feet have been swollen for the last few days, just about manage to get shoes on. Due to the heat


Yes, sure elevating the legs will help reduce the swelling. Respiratory exercise has also helped reduce the swelling in my feet....not always easy I know but it does make a difference.


I JUST WANT TO ADD a little information that I have. I got a bit of swelling around my ankles and I panicked. It was not much but it really bothered me so I asked my doctor. he said that the veins in the ankles weaken with age and they leak fluid so they puddle and when we rest at night it goes away. I asked him what to watch out for and he said heaviness of the legs. Well this was also confirmed by my pulmonary doctor fyi...That relaxed me a bit, but then let me share that I began walking on a treadmill in March and since then, the swelling rarely occurs. I have not told my doctors I did have a little bit of swelling yesterday when I was out in the heat doing some hard yard work, so I think the heat does also cause a problem.


Hi Jean,

well the only time my ankles ever got swollen was in hospital! and my feet were up all the time then!

All my life I have always charged around everywhere, so like you have found it very difficult to just 'sit' but sometimes I have too.

Listen to what your body is saying to you and be guided by it.

you body will let you know what you can & can't do.

take care and good luck.

Jean. x


Do any of you with swollen legs/feet/ankles take steroids? Prednisone etc?


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