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Where to start, well new to here first post although replied to a few, me 50 year old epileptic, with a teen who is asthmatic, well on the friday when she was due to go to camp asthma attack, tripped up on the stair trying to get her to doctors. Looked awful the bruising, after a couple of days noticed that my cough I had got worst, and coughing up blood, went to the gp, who as a precaution sent me for a chest x ray to be on the safe side, though nothing off it, went and had my x ray done. Monday of the first day back at school, and dr calls early and said come as they need to examine me, chest xray not to good, dx chest infection, two lots of antibotics, and feeling rough, the return of my seizures that had be controlled up until 2 weeks ago, hence missed the signs I was poorly. Work sent me home because I was not fit enough to do the job, same doctor want to try another lot of pills, but asked for a referral they did it on a gtwo week turn around, second chest x ray done, doctor and 1st dr on resp team, said no gp could deal with it, then later on, on this particular monday another dr said, as I was an ex smoker and had cough up blood he want to redo the spetum test, first lot show naff all, bloods kidney function, and a ct scan.Spetum came back with an infection so gp put me on more antibotics, went to see the doctor at the hospital today, there are more questions than answer, yes need to lose weight, oxygen though the climb on the finger 96, blood pressure normal, kidney function normal. Had to use a spirameter, but because I cough to much they could get a readinggrrr. CT scan shows I have an infection in my lungs, but instead of the upper which the gp thought it was it is actually lower down.

I am glad its nothing to serious, but the fact they are now going to put a camera down throat to find out why this wont shift is worrying, especially with the epilespy I have nocturnal seizures, although the consulant was really good at explaining everything, but can't explain why a particular bacteria, that lives in the skin would cause me so much aggro, its not smoking related either. Just know that I have good and bad days, this hot weather doesn't help, its insightful as I am getting a glimpse into what my daughter has to put up with. Sorry its long, 6 weeks for the throat thingy, vampire was out more blood I think I counted 10 vials, and a check up in 8 weeks time.

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Whatever is wrong, take comfort in the fact that they are looking to identify it and so will be able to offer the best treatment. You will feel much better as the infection decreases. :)


Hope you feel better soon xx

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So much going on - hope they get to the bottom of your problems soon


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