Copd at 20

I am 20 years old and was recently diagnosed with copd. I only have 61% lung capacity and breathing is Definetly an effort. What does this mean for my future? I've read up alot in this but nothing says too much but anyone in my age group. Just looking for some answers, I'm waiting to see a pulmonologist, just did my xrays blood work and lung functions test.

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  • Welcome Mem4611 to your family on HU and if you are looking for some answers, to the probably many questions you want to ask,you've definitely come to the right place. Here, we are all ages,sizes,have same conditions as others,but not all. We talk about anything and everything. We are blessed with some exceptionally clever ones who can explain all things medical and also we have absolute "wizz kids" who can help you with using this site. Others will be along shortly, but nice to meet you !

  • Hello Mem, Sorry to hear your diagnosis. Yes its a young age to get c.o.p.d.

    As for your lung capacity, dont worry too much. You should be able to improve that with exercises. I have only 1 lung and my one and only lung is doing great. It should be 50% but i manage 60%. I admit some days i can find it difficult to breathe, but I have learnt how to cope. By the way I am not a young one like you, I am 67 years old.

    Pulmonary exercises are brilliant. :) xx

  • Evening Mem. This forum is brilliant and I am sure people can help you. Who diagnosed you with COPD? Your story has got me back up on my favourite hobby horse on this site, which is doctors making a too hasty dx of COPD. What tests were done? Do you have Alpha-1-Antitripsin-deficiency? Sorry to question you like this but you are extremely young to have COPD. An obstructive pattern on Spirometry or PFTs can be caused by other diseases and conditions. COPD usually has a cause: smoking or inhalation of toxic stuff. And usually takes a long time to develop. I am genuinely interested as I have an unusual obstructive disease and it took a long time to get a dx.

    All the best and let us know how things go.

    K xx

  • Well I am a smoker less than 5 years though, I don't know if I have the alpha 1 deficiency but I plan to find out. I was driving a car for about 8 months that had a exhaust leak in the carbon monoxide was making me sick everyday so I made a doctor's appointment to make sure everything was okay and brought up being very short of breath and took the spirometry test they're at my doctor's office and have had blood work tests x-rays and a pulmonary functions test done I go see a pulmonologist within the next week to figure out what's the next move. doctor said the test showed I had emphysema as if I've been smoking for years.

  • Are you in America? I ask because pulmonologist is an American term. Well, it certainly sounds a thorough set of tests. And you really do need the A1AD test. That does cause emphysema in young people. I assume this has already been mentioned by your doctor. I think it is a straightforward blood test. It must be very alarming for you but they are doing all the right things. I hope you feel confident in their expertise.

    I do hope the pulmonologist has seem good ideas about where to go next in the investigation.

    Do let us know how things go.

    K xx

  • OMG that car was a death trap

    Your so young im sure your medical team will do everything possible to find out what is going on and until you have had a full diagnosis its going to be very tempting to look up all sorts of things but try not to because you will scare yourself to death.

    There are members on here with Alpha 1 so if its that you will have people to talk to but whatever it is your not alone , you will gets lots of support on here x

  • Well come one leave the net well be you have years to worry about it the main thing you got to know is take your time when you do things leave ladders well be leave someone els cliem them but make sure you do some sort of exesize in the day and you will be allright

  • Welcome to the site, mem. I find it hard to believe you have copd, at your age. I have 62% lung function, and no problems breathing. I guess they ruled out any type infection? Hows your oxygen level? Did they give you any inhalers? Please let us know how you make out at the pulmoncologist. Good luck to you.😊 Rubyxx

  • Don't have anything to add to above mem - just want to say welcome to the group.

  • Hi Mem4611 , Wondered how you were getting along. Have you seen the pulmonary dr. yet? Please keep us informed, as we're concerned about you. 😊 Rubyxx

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