Shocking THE bull medical profession come out with to deceive public

Shocking THE bull medical profession come out with to deceive public

This last few weeks as see quite few come down with flu that as required hospital oxygen treatment.

I would say that must be one funky flu virus to require hospital treatmeant oxygen.

Anyway rather than call it by its propper name the come up with a load bull to describe bird flu swine flu.

Could it be new strain AND thats why using BS names.

Anyway the calling new bs strain trans-avian dilemmas.

Shocking the stuff that go's on we are not aware of but whats more shocking is when we go doctors saying how ill we are the come the bull try deny us antibiotics treatmeant.

Allso on subject of flu how many knew they genetic enginer flu to test on human subjects.

Shocking and Scandulas

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  • Scary, isn't it? They will end up manufacturing a plague they cannot control.

  • The have its called toriisam blairight and more destructive then any virus or plague

  • I think they gopt the Blair part of name spot on.

  • How very kind and thoughtful of them JAS. Xx

  • Hi Sassy I just hope I did read right about vaccines we had covering it .. Sure we only get em as test before issued to army personnel.

    After all can't have service men women come down with plagues when in field.

    Did read army do research into bug's we culture GUESS it's evolution and shame they don't share there data.

  • How were you able to read the full article? I clicked on your link but it only leads to a brief summary.

  • I had same issues USA gov had.

    They would not disclose BUT great thing about internet you can google head line and papers turn up.

  • I've found the full article, here

    It seems there's a difficult balance to be struck - this type of research enables the biochemistry of such viruses to be closely studied, in the hope they can be better controlled, but there is obviously a safety issue if the research falls into the hands of bioterrorists (which is why some argue in favour of restricting publication.) Controversial, as the authors say.

  • Surely they need permission to use us a Lab rats?

    For anyone with underlying chest condition there playing with our lives annoyed!

    Normal daily life Can be

    A chore when have a chest complaint without adding to it !!!!

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