Breathlessness again!

Interested in all the discussion about oxygen as I spent half today in A&E after going from SATs 92 at rest but 82/3 after minimal activity. I was asked about oxygen and when I said I had never had it suggested the dr said she would write to my GP about sorting something out. I had lots of tests but no acute problem found just the usual chronic problems. I hope something comes of it but now feel I have information to push for help. Having just moved house I am still trying to find the best doctor to see. So far 1 locum, nice but no authority and one very inexperienced one who couldn't interpret an ECG. Not encouraging!

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  • Evening. Respiratory nurses prescribe oxygen so your doctor will refer you. Oxygen is prescribed to protect your other organs.

    Kim xx

  • Good luck with everything

  • The GP needs to refer you to the respiratory care team in your area and they will sort out ambulatory oxygen. You should also be referred to a chest clinic to see a consultant. If that does not happen in very short order I would switch GP surgeries, it that's possible.

  • When looking for oxygen, when told could be dangerous for those with angina, found the hyperbaric diving chambers they share hire and are dotted around the UK as apparently good for ME sufferers.NB Telecare too although call centres do not follow your procedures you may have agreed to for arousal .

  • pity Doctors dont work with info like the Mcmillan nurses i spoke to nurse on Monday about oxygen and Respiratory nurse rang in afternoon and oxygen Delivered last wednesday. Do hope you cant get it sorted sooner rather than later

    best of wishes Jeaniexx

  • Be careful as I think chest and heart problems intertwined [ clotting?] e.g.: angina v & breathing and mobility .Mobility scooters & WAV vehicle have helped my independence no thanks to anyone else especial NHS & social services.You too may find the diving chambers assist but check suitable .I have CPAP machine with leaky mask that nobody at GPs knows how to assemble .Still not sure any use.Driving , scooters and aids - paid assistance save me from being housebound .

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