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vagus nerve and copd

Hi. I have been looking for something new in the way of treatments for copd and bronchiectasis. I have looked into cannabis oil and stem cell treatment, but have just come across this in the mail online.

Its called d Nerva Dual cooled RF catheter. From what i can gather the procedure involves putting a cathater into the lungs and inflating them with a balloon to inhibit the action of the vagus nerve (which is responsible for mucus production and broncho restriction). There are clinical trials going on now in London, and the results are looking good. Some report the immediate ability to breate. Its still early days but it may be something to give us hope.

Go to Mail online: D nerva Dual cooled RF catheter.

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One of our members was recently the subject of a newspaper report after undergoing this treatment. See here:


Hi falconcottage1 as Toci says one of our members Gilly2235 recently posted about receiving Lung Denervation Treatment.

An article was also published in the Daily Mail and can be seen at the link below.

Regards. John


...and if you go to Royal Brompton clinical trials you can consider taking part yourself


I applied for that but unfortunately, you need a FEV1 of at least 30% and not be on oxygen for more than 12 hours daily. My FEV1 is 15% and am on oxygen 24/7. You can download the application very easily. I even got a rejection very quickly because of the FEV1. If you qualify, go for it.


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I read a lot of posts on here but tbh don't join in very much as half the time I've no idea what ppl are on about.....for example "FEV1" what is this please. Yes I have COPD 😢


It's the amount of air you blow out in the first second. Here's a handy list of abbreviations

There's a full explanation here

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Thank you very much.


Hi everyone I'm a newbie here I have COPD and heart failure and AF I got pneumonia about 5 yrs ago was admitted to intensive care as I was so ill had to have a tracheostomy and also caught swine flu while in ICU I was in a bad way and not expected to live....when I came round a bit all they talked about was if I went in that state again did I not want to be resuscitated I was in a state of panic I didn't want to from then on I've had admittance to hospital every time I get a chest infection as it knocks me for six....then I was referred to RVI at Newcastle and I got a nippy 3 ventilation unit which I have to sleep with it on,I do find it helps and in the past year I've managed to stay out of hospital my weight went down to 7st from 11st with struggling to breathe I have managed to put some weight back on and am up to 8st 11lb I was a very active person and am struggling with walking and really gasping for breath....I use carbosistein 3 X day and spirivia and my spacer with ventolin also my other inhaler is Symbicort but the ventolin gives me bad shakes heart racing and makes me panic but it's the only thing that sort of helps I have pred for emergencys and doxycycline also have my own nebuliser with bento kin,saline and ipotropium but when you struggling to breathe the last thing you need is trying to inhale it......also I take heart medication which has a side effect of hair loss and it's depressing me watching my hair thinning has anybody any ideas how to stop the hair loss also I take rivoroxiban to thin my blood so I don't have a stroke .....I have 6 grandchildren and it kills me not to be able to do things with them now as I can hardly get out of the house



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