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Ouch COPD!!

Went to the Doc with a pain in my hip and leg,was told after investigation I have sciatica.

How does that happen I asked:

Tells me during my last infection I probably coughed so hard I knocked spine out of alignment.

On more pills and appointments with therapists.

It's the disease that just keeps on giving 😁😄😄

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, I apologise.

Anyhoo up and at 'em

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Sorry you are suffering with sciatica...a very painful condition, especially as it hurts to cough, sneeze, hiccup and laugh !!

I think lots of our back and rib pains are caused by coughing, and many of us will know what you are going through.

My coughing fits have resulted in a broken rib and my back going into spasm !!

I hope you get a good result from your therapy, and are soon on the mend.

In the meantime...keep taking the Pills 😂

Velvet xx

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Thanks for your kind thoughts, Velvet

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Yes, K-Kilcoyne, every so often I have to go to an osteopath to help sort my back out - I've found osteopathic treatment generally more effective than physiotherapy, but of course it is much more expensive, at least £40 a visit.

Hope you feel better soon.


Ouch indeed! Pete and l feel your pain. Take care xxx😳😔😄

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Thank you all


Sciatica is a trapped nerve so don't know why he is giving you pills for it .... an Osteopath would be better .... if you can afford it go and see one as NHS ones are thin on the ground ....they will get you fit in no time ... pills won't ... some docs are sooo lazy it annoys me !!!!


He has set me up with an osteopath,the pills helped the immediately so quite happy about that.Fortunately I know an osteopath from USA.She suggested some stretch exercises which have helped greatly.I walked 8k today so no complaints😆

Thanks for replying

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Yes sorry actually the pills given only help if they are muscle relaxants and not pain killers although they do help but not as much .... hope you get well soon it is very painful x


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